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hana yori dango TV
liar game TV
naku na, harachan TV
helter skelter film
1 litre no namida TV
seinaru kaibutsutachi TV
bishoujo senshi sailor moon animation
saint seiya meiou hades: juunikyuu hen animation
card captor sakura animation
dragon ball z animation
ultra maniac animation
another animation
Sawajiri Erika person
Ayano Gou person
Okada Masaki person
Nakatani Miki person
Yamada Takayuki person
Kubota Masataka person
Kou Seiya character
Seiya character
Gemini Saga character
Himura Kenshin character
Li Syaoran character
Meiou Setsuna character


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18 Aug, 2018
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26 Aug, 2018

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"Come to see victory in a land called fan-ta-sy; loving life for you and me; to behold, to your soul, is ecstasy; you will find other kind that has been in search of you; many lives have brought you to recognize it's your life, now in review..." ✿ܓ


hyukjae 25 Feb, 2013
adicionay~! <3
honeytoast 09 Feb, 2013
Hello! <3