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berrytm 22 Apr, 2012
The ending wasn't the best, but it wasn't a complete let down I guess xD Kinda focused more on Yerim and Hyunsoo and they ended up together soo everything's good! XDD
berrytm 12 Mar, 2012
I KNOW RIGHT. I'm really only interested in Hajin x Hyunsoo x Yerim and also Kyungjong which is not involved in any love...yet(??)
Yeah they are, I heard the duet song 'MV' near the end THEY SHOWED SOME HYUNSU x YERIM MOMENTS THAT THEY HAVEN'T RELEASED YET and so I tried really hard, and finally closed the tab cause I wanted to wait till the episode comes out xD But yeah, they do the duet song together ^0^
berrytm 05 Mar, 2012
OMG SAME. Before the drama got aired, I saw the loveline sheet/picture/chart and I was like Omg, I have to like this girl(SuAh) or else I'll be T_T at the drama. I tried to like her, but somehow I just didn't, and I loved Byunghee xD and he had to die /ugh
And so I somehow survived all those episodes(cause of the other members, like Hyunsu) XD and was looking forward to who was going to be with Hyunsu, and FINALLY I SAW HER. skldasmfnekjamsndd xD
I waited so long!! Ahh~ But yes, finally saw her, and I like her so yes I ship Hyunsu x Yerim but I also don't mind Hajin since I love him too ;D
berrytm 04 Mar, 2012
OMG *notices your comment about Yerim x Hyunsoo shipper*
Eeekk~ Mee too xDD Not many Myungsoo fans like her which I think is T-T
I like Myungsoo, btu I like Yerim so I SHIP THEM xD
*cough* I needed a spazzing buddy for this couple LOL
sbloom 18 Feb, 2012
right now I'm watching the moon embraces the sun, and ending planner, and some varieties shows, like WGM and Hello baby, I'm so behind of everything :(
sbloom 18 Feb, 2012
well, I have a LONG list of dramas to watch :( and dream high 2, maybe I can include it, but it's not my priority xD
sbloom 17 Feb, 2012
dream high 2 is not in my plans :) in dream high 1 I wanted to watch it for Suzy but at the end I fall in love with each character :)
sbloom 16 Feb, 2012
are u watching dream high 2?? do u like it? :D