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malice 29 Nov, 2011
i saw your comment on lovecome,you can find it on ourhour livejournal community,without subs but i think they'll make soon subs :)
keelin 04 Nov, 2011
hello there! :))
dramallama 30 May, 2011
Yeah I really think we should try a movie on skype be it one like Machine Girl or something scary like I mentioned before.

Also love how tempura is part of the tagling for Machine Girl...
cheza 25 Apr, 2011
Yay no panda! :D one of my best jdrama. I added you as a friend :)
xdsmile 24 Apr, 2011
I become so emotional when it comes to 'based on true story' dramas TT_TT like Yuuki
but also sometimes I cry over fiction dramas like Karei naru ichizoku
xdsmile 24 Apr, 2011
well I don't like comedian drama very much, that'a why I don't think I'm gonna pick it again =X
do cry very fast while watchin somethin?
xdsmile 23 Apr, 2011
Hi :D
yeah! I was so confused about it =S
I watched maybe 5 episodes of Nodame, he was good - as always - but I didn't like the series! I didn't like Juri there too =(
BTW how is it Bloody Monday? I've watched one or two years ago and I like it. I'm downloading it know so I can re-watch it in the
future <3
xdsmile 23 Apr, 2011
Thanks for adding me x3
I'm Sanae - not my real name though - , I'm 21 and from Qatar.
nice to meet you ~ :D