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norilys 01 May, 2014
Thank you very much...!! I loved how you edited it!!! I already edited my submission so it'll be easier for you to merge it (I think)... I'll definitely be more careful next time I write a recommendation, especially with the info you gave me before...!!!
norilys 18 Apr, 2014
If it's okay with you, then yes, I would like to read the edited version first. Thanks a lot for all the help even if you were having computer problems... HOpe they get fixed soon!!!!!!
norilys 17 Apr, 2014
OMG aren't you the sweetest?? Thanks a lot for the explanation ^_^
norilys 12 Apr, 2014
Yeah, I meant the story develops more focused on the characters and how they adapt psichologically to this new enviroment, more than focusing in the adventures or the game itself. Also I found it more interesting the way they merge the MMORPG world with the shounen genre to create such a great anime. SAO feels like just a shounen anime where the MMORPG is just a setting, whereas in Log Horizon this new world they are living in places a more important role in the developing of the story.

If you need anything else for the merge, just let me know!
r0lan 25 Nov, 2013
oh i see~
i'll keep that in mind, and thank you! :)
yurisama 31 Oct, 2013
Oooh, I totally forget about the movies, sorry sorry~~ xDDD

Aha, that kind in everywhere.. they can be more Snobby than being cruel.
yeah they seems friendly after talk with some of them ^_^
yurisama 31 Oct, 2013
Haha ♪ Thanks, because I am the type "easy going" at everything x3
Then to me, I feel bad when I ask someone like editor to do a thing, kinda feels like a bother to them, although I know that their job so if they annoyed by it they can simply quit, still I prefer to do that by myself.

Me too, I don't like the word "blame" Nor I use it anyway, just to tell you that I am not that kind of person xD

Actually Shibasaki Kou didn't act there, seem like your memory mixed and getting a bit confused, but Yup it was not that Good but enough to continue watching it plus I watched it because of the genre, I love mystery especially with psychology d:
yurisama 30 Oct, 2013
I don't blame you, that's quite a long time so it's normal to forget a little things x3