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[28.09.2010] 50 dramas completed (Sunao ni Narenakute) | tv drama
[02.04.2011] 100 dramas completed (Tengoku no Daisuke e) | tv film
[02.10.2011] 150 dramas completed (Don Quixote) | tv drama
[07.05.2012] 200 dramas completed (Kaiji 2) | film
[18.04.2013] 250 dramas completed (Rich Man, Poor Woman in NY) | tv film
[30.07.2014] 300 dramas completed (Hamu) | tv film
[12.11.2015] 350 dramas completed (Tennou no ryouriban) | tv drama
[24.01.2017] 400 dramas completed (Goblin) | tv drama
[08.12.2017] 450 dramas completed (Mad dog) | tv drama
[12.09.2018] 500 dramas completed (Poongsan) | film


toyotamai86 ~ 3 weeks
Oh, really? :O I can't wait to watch it, then *.*
toyotamai86 ~ 3 weeks
Me, too. Especially Totoro and Laputa ^^
toyotamai86 15 Nov, 2018
Hi! I love your pic ^^
suki034 01 Oct, 2015
Hello! It's Haruma Miura :) i like yours too!
tanyadesu 14 Sep, 2015
really!? ahh i would really recommend em, esp at least the first movies from each series
tanyadesu 06 Sep, 2015
my god, like what was even the point of that?
and Japan did well with Gantz and Ruroni Kenshin which is prolly why i had such high expectations. never again.
tanyadesu 28 Aug, 2015
i just saw your review for Shingeki no Kyojin live action; i totally agree and i honestly didn't expect it to be SO bad. i almost find it offensive that they thought this was worth putting out in theaters
alex3 16 Oct, 2013
It's a shame, because I actually thought that it would be good :o