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*Escaping reality, and got lost in the dramaLand ~

*Believe me kdrama is a curse, once you're in there's no way out.

*Other drama fav :
- You're all surrounded
-Who are you?
-Reply 1997 - 1988
-Queen In Hyeon's Man


rooomanoooma 26 Sep, 2015
Hello Rahoof ^.^
thanks sweetie for your lovely wishes , have a wonderful one, too ^.^
rooomanoooma 26 Jul, 2015
thanks hun ^^ I'm planning to do so inshallah pray for me sweetie
your sweet encourages are lifting up my spirit .. thanks again for ur lovely wishes .. you're one of the gorgeous girls I've met online ❤ . ❤
Allah bless you with all you wish for dear and you're mashallah younger than my little sister , too ^.^ >>> which means I'm ur Unni now ;D
She is around 23 yrs old and a spoiled girl at home but much smarter than me dealing with real life matters .. Don't know who is more mature by now hahaha I tend to be more childish than her, it might be coz I lost the mother embrace way before maturing up and forced to be the mom for my siblings T^T
anyhow I'm pleased with my personality thu it's a bit problematic due to my naive character xD
Mashallah your speciality looks promising and interesting ,too ...half of the load had gone .. wish you gonna get ur bachelor degree with flying colours ;)))
and for a billion sure !!! ENJOY for the sake of enjoyment ... mashallah life is ahead of you hun .. you've the time to learn step by step and treat yourself for a dish full of dramas .. I'm always hungry for more but don't have the time to feed myself xp so grasp the moment to do so and marks my advice :DD
that being in this age phase might be the most enjoyable with freedom to do whatever u like than later in ur upcoming years when u'll be able inshallah to work , marry, have ur own kids ...etc (^.^)
rooomanoooma 25 Jul, 2015
Hiiiiiiiiiiii Rahoof ^^
Thanks to Allah I enjoyed it so much with my relatives ;D I got to see them after being isolated for a year preparing for graduation ^.+
hahahahaha ^_______________________________^
btw, you're so sweet (^^) girl just feel free to ask about anything even if it's too personal .. I've immunity regarding age and weight lol >>> kidding but srsly since I don't care about them that much as far as they're not being obstacles in my life ^.^
I'm 27 yrs old this year .. I'm proud to weigh 57 kilos this Eid since I used to weigh around 100 kilos most of the time .. I got my master degree recently & I'm looking forward to study the PHD abroad inshallah and yup I totally forget to tell you about my job kekeke
I work as a quality designee at King Fahd Hospital -the general one :D thanks for ur sweet prayers ;) definitely I'm in need of a vacation after all this mentality breakdown hahaha
I'm so happy and glad to know that you're totally into Mask nowadays ;D;D;D's such a great drama with a potential ❤ . ❤ .. Don't remind me please T^T I've being waiting patiently for my grandma and aunty to watch it together ..a promise is a promise after all (━┳━ _ ━┳━)
rooomanoooma 24 Jul, 2015
Hi ya 3sal ^.^
how was ur Eid ?? vacation??
hope you're enjoying your time to the max ...I got one week vacation from work ^__________^ too many stuff on my to do list lol
I miss being here chatting with you ^.+
Any new recommendations ??
rooomanoooma 20 Jul, 2015
Hi Rahoofa ^.^
kol sana o ente mabsota ya rab ;D
wahshtini mooot T^T
rooomanoooma 21 Jun, 2015
Hello chinguuuyaah ^.^
how have u been hun ?? how is ur life & family ??
Ramadan Mubarak 3laykom ^________________^
I miss you so so so so so MUCH ❤ . ❤ Hope u're doing more good deeds than me ..It's a precious month on top of that ..I feel so bad for my lazy self for being exhausted after graduation ^.+
How come I didn't find The Mask among ur unique list !!!!! it's killing me in a gooood wayyyyyy and definitely ONE of the BEST without any negotiation (^.^) >>> I promised my grandma & aunty to wait for them to watch the rest together since we started watching it in Jeddah ...Have to wait for them to resume watching so badly T^T
and One unnoticeable question , WhY the hell they always air such a freaking dramas in all the channels in June/Ramadan ??? Is it related to the summer vacation secret or What ???? Gonna cry literally a river of tears T^T
anyhow can't wait to start watching a bunch of dramas including I Remember You
karolcia955 15 Jun, 2015
Yeah, it's so depressing that the story is going to end up soon... I will miss it for sure! And I still wondering, who Run Bi is going to end up with :>
I see that u have PRODUCER drama in ur planned titles :) I started watching it a couple days ago and I kinda like this drama, especially due to great sense of humour of the characters :) recommend it!!
karolcia955 08 Jun, 2015
Hi!! I read ur comments posted in who are you drama today. I totally agree with you :) It is totally addictive <3 and episode 13 is just... AGH.. Can't wait one more day to see what happens next!! Greetings!