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hanazakari no kimitachi e: ikemen paradise TV
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full house TV
hakushaku to yousei animation
kimi ni todoke animation
love com animation
nodame cantabile animation
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skip beat! animation
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Seto Kouji person
Yan Ya Lun person
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Yoru character
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rawrsiviee 14 May, 2013
Click on the banner ^-^
mikomi0e 18 Feb, 2012
oh okay thanks :)))))
mikomi0e 17 Feb, 2012
Do I have to fill the things under the text out to watch it? I don't get the page but I really wanna see this drama!! :)
yurga 26 Jan, 2012
Yeah, I have~~
There -
yurga 22 Jan, 2012
Anywayz, maybe you have tumblr?~
yurga 12 Jan, 2012
You are so welcome~~~
and about the job - we are getting moneys from it, yeah? so we can buy some osum stuff, he he,
so this is not so bad~
yurga 11 Jan, 2012
Hi there, Maia-chan~~~
Sorry, I didn't notice your message coz I am so busy T_T
(I have a job, yay~~~ which is "eating" all my time~)
Anywayz, yes - I saw that "you are my pet" movie and it was a disaster.....
I watched only becoz of Sukkie and still I can't stand this movie. Nothing new was showed,
in Sukkie's acting was no new things, it seems that he even didn't take seriously this role or maybe whole movie was made based on
Sukkie's popularity? I don't know, but I didnt like japanese version of this drama, but korean version is way the worst. So I
don't know, if you really have plenty free time - you can watch it~ But if I were you, I better watch "You are beautiful" once more time~~
Or even more than one time~
But if you still wanna watch that movie, you can find it there -
jeaudrey 14 Oct, 2011
yess, i love him, and Inoue is so pretty *=*