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beailoveyou 29 Jul, 2016
Ohisama's still my biased favourite haha! But I love Amachan, too! I just love watching asadoras in general.
beailoveyou 25 Jul, 2016
I just started watching Asa ga Kita and I'm liking it so far! I rrally pove how light and warm asadoras are.
beailoveyou 24 Jul, 2016
I started to download Asa ga Kita! Excited to watch it(*´∀`)
beailoveyou 16 Jul, 2016
Hotarubi ni mori e's a good film! I really liked it. It's heartwarming and worth the watch :)
beailoveyou 11 Jul, 2016
I'm doing great! How are you?
beailoveyou 09 Jul, 2016
hidde-chan hisashiburiiiiii~!
reonsoru 11 Sep, 2015
Yes, I definitely do :D
Sorry it took me so long to reply, my mom came to Korea to visit me so I was a bit busy T_T
reonsoru 30 Aug, 2015
Hehe, I started looking for people with similiar interests / tastes in dramaand i hope you dont mind ^__^ Want to find more good dramas~~