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sayitaintsojoe 11 Jul, 2013
Yeah, Love Shuffle is a masterpiece! I've seen it 2 full times and like you, I'm not one to rewatch either. And btw, I like your favorites.
leslie 24 Apr, 2013
Haha alright cool go ahead and recommend me some good kdramas. As you can tell my list I have seen a lot just make sure it not something I have seen
leslie 23 Apr, 2013
Oh I see. What are the old ones that you have watched?
leslie 22 Apr, 2013
So those drama that in parenthesis are the well done dramas right?
And I totally know what you mean most of the drama that I have watched are not very good.
leslie 20 Apr, 2013
Same here! Nice to meet you Kat and sure you can do that, what is your fav type of drama?
leslie 18 Apr, 2013
I read your comment and you said after the drama Nine is done you don't have anything to watch. Well I recommend you to try watching Gu Family Book because it is awesome. Btw, I am leslie nice to meet you!
mikomi0e 01 Sep, 2012
I know what you mean, I didn't fall for the band because of their songs. I found dramas through Super Junior so it's kinda thanks to them that I watch korean dramas now. ^^
I love the band since every single member got his own personality and how they always stay together is what makes me love the band. I love their ballads and the pop songs where you can dance to, but I also listen to american music more.. :)

And the best thing: wherever a member of Super Junior is a guest in a show - it's always funny! xD
Yes, I love Kibum too and he's still a 'official' member in my eyes. And Heechul the variety king, is really one of the funniest out of them. ^^

I kinda suceeded in finishing Skip Beat (like your friend). Don't ask. Disappointed as a fan of the anime/manga. And the dubbed Donghae/Siwon were horrible. xD

Do that. Five Finger is pretty dramatic so far, but these weekend they finally show the grown-ups/mainstory. Curious!! :)
mikomi0e 01 Sep, 2012
Well, in my opinion, I can't wait for the next episodes every week. Five Fingers and May Queen are indeed interesting. I'm also not used to melodramas, I just enjoy light dramas more but both of them look good so I hope they keep going on like that. I would recommend you to watch Five Fingers just the first episode and maybe you will already be interested, because of the beginning. And May Queen it was 4 episodes where I thought okay, when the childhood is like that what will happen when they grow up?! I'm still clueless what will happen next. ^^

I appreciate your opinions about the three dramas you started but didn't watch more. I can understand what you mean. Faith, the lead girl grow into me after 6 episodes, I love 'Ryu Deok Hwan' and Minho is a perfect eyecandy. ^^ So the reasons I still keep watching it are alot, but what will happen next? Don't ask, I'm not sure. Because the girl goes back soon, I guess. :/ I'm clueless like in May Queen. xD
Hana Kimi remake - because I always give any adaptions a chance but I know what you mean. I also can't bring myself to watch ISWAK (Playful Kiss) because I loved the anime/manga too much. xD
And miss panda, yes, I'm a E.L.F. xD SuJu greatest Fan. If not, I wouldn't started watching it as well. ^^

I hope, I got you to watch May Queen and Five Fingers, because they are really interesting and the storyline didn't started yet. If you're impatient like me, haha, don't start it and watch it after all episodes aired. I try to 'hold it on' and wait, but it doesn't work. :/