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hana yori dango TV
hana yori dango 2 TV
kimi wa pet TV
hanazakari no kimitachi e: ikemen paradise TV
meichan no shitsuji TV
yamato nadeshiko shichi henge TV
inuyasha animation
death note animation
howl no ugoku shiro animation
tonari no totoro animation
neko no ongaeshi animation
Matsumoto Jun person
Oguri Shun person
Mizushima Hiro person
Kamenashi Kazuya person
Horikita Maki person
Kimura Takuya person
L Lawliet character
Sesshoumaru character
Ginko character


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Yep, I fansub...for quality :)


sayitaintsojoe 21 Feb, 2012
Hey! Thanks for subbing Shaken Baby! Do you know why they didn't come out with a series, or did they? Anyways, I like your favs. Glad you can appreciate the hyper rom-coms like me.
angi 24 Nov, 2011
There is no actuell size, they just shouldn't be too small.
pantheria 02 Nov, 2011
Heyho. No probs, thanks for the ad. It's always cool to follow compatible MDL'ers. :)
afterwork 26 Sep, 2011
Oh no xD You missed something. What you rejected was an OVA, the other one on the list was a TV series.
Random chan 10 Mar, 2011
:O yaa! omg, I got a card today saying I can get different drop prices *-* I love myself. jk.:P I love this card.
Random chan 09 Mar, 2011
O_O oh thank you. I'm sorry for being so honest... but I like putting things like they are, when I can. Oo I guess it comes from the fact I usually can't express it XDDD
doramaaprncss 17 Feb, 2011
lol... nah, i didnt like it. found it too predictable lol. But MoMo is cute :P
doramaaprncss 15 Feb, 2011
its on my 'want-to' list.. i will see it soon
btw, i noticed u saw kimi wa petto. u probably saw it 4 the same reason i saw it -- MATSUJUN (<3)
but tbh, i really hated the drama. It was soo boring and the ending is soooo predictable. a BIG disappointment for me. lol what cud u possibly like about it?