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hiroshi 19 Dec, 2011
Hi! How are you? Do you feel better? I hope your illness is getting over. Are you going to skip classes for a couple of days and stay at home to recover completely?
Christmas is soon... for you)) Russian Christmas is on 7-th of January. But actually the main holiday here is not Christmas but New Year's Day. That's why I'm waiting for 31-st of December. And 25-th of December is an ordinary day here. It's a bit sad to be different from the majority of the countries all over the world.
Wow, you've found a bigger size of the photo which I liked. Thanks a lot!!! I'm glad. ))) Now I can't even search for some new photos of his because by searching them I would take risks to come across the photos from the 2-nd photobook (which has not come yet!!! (( ) . Right now I'm not depressed because of the post office. It's stil guilty, of course, but somehow suddenly I've become patient and calm, waiting for my little happiness to come to me)).
About the photo I sent to you last time (the one you had in a small size but wanted a bigger one) - I have several other ones from that set, I can send them, too, If you need them.
Currently watching "Boss" because Ryosuke is in the 5-th episode. I hope the role is not tiny )) I know you watched it. Did you like it? I like it very much. There are so many detective dramas... But this one is one of the best. I'm glad I gave it a try.
About Ankh... Yeah, he has wings. Really beautiful ones. He'll show one of them for the first time somewhere around episode 22 if I'm not mistaken. By the end of the series he'll fly properly)). Have you watched some OOO episodes recently?
That's it for today. Gone to wach the "Boss" ))
I hope you'll recover soon. Bye! ))
hiroshi 17 Dec, 2011
Here goes the second part of the photo-discussion)) The links to the photos which are my favorite.
(I hope you've read the previous letter with some comments to the photos you had chosen)
1) So... You like the photos where Ryosuke is together with Aiba-san.)) And I prefer his photos with Watanabe Shu. I'm not such a crazy fan of Shu, but I'm happy that Kamen Rider OOO made these guys become friends. I think they look super-cute when they are together. Like here:
By the way, Miura-san here looks so tiny )))
2) Next one. .. Both of them again and Miura's dog together with them:
3) Photo № 3... I think all his fans like this one:
4) And the next one is a bit similar to the previous one:
Well, I'm sure you have already noticed that I prefer the photos where he looks in rather a classic way and not the ones where he is faithful to his usual style with all the bow ties, lots of stars and so on XD But I'm geting used to his style, too. XD
5) photo № 5 ... What a pretty girl! ))) Lovely))
6) Next one is my favorite Ankh & Eiji pair photo)) So romantic... Though, it's not the real colour of Ankh's wings, it's still beautiful.
7) This one is out of "PureBoys" photobook.
I don't undestand why and how he suddenly got to be among the group. But I'm glad if those guys are friendly to him. Miura-san as he told himself ih his blog is a type of person who keeps his heart closed from everyone and it's very hard to break the walls and find a right key to open his heart. That's why I'm afraid he is lonely. So it makes me happy when Shu is by his side. And If the other guys from "PureBoys' are friendly to him, it's great.
8) I love this one. But it's the only version I've found (
I think white colour suits him very well. When his hair is blond.
9) And the last one. Kawaii...

That's it. Have you seen all of the before or was there some new photo for you? What do you think about those photos?
hiroshi 17 Dec, 2011
Hi ))) internet at home works again ! That's why now we can discuss the photos. Probably, you remember that I've made some guesses based on your comments. And two of the guesses were right))) The one about black & white striped T-shirt and the one with a child. The one with a child is adorable! I like it, too. Ryosuke looks here so not-Ankish way XD
The photos with Aiba-san are nice, too. Unfortunately, I never heard that they were friends. Apart from the work, I mean. But still the first time the cold in my heart towards Ryosuke started to melt - was the time I saw him being very kind to Aiba-san. That was in backstage to "Bokura no hoteishiki".
And to the photo you said "Wish there were a bigger version"... Well, you're lucky, I have a bigger version of this photo, that's why it's yours now, too))) Here it goes.... Must be opened right here in the letter:

The photo about which you said "I think this was my first ever favourite picture about him, and it still is one of my biggest favourites". He looks very cute))) Innocently. But I don't like bow ties. Do you like bow ties? He likes them, for sure. He wears them so often . And no matter with what else XDD
It was really interesting to look at the photos which you like)) Thanks for choosing them, uploading and so on whatever it took to show them to me. I'll show you my favorites in the next letter.
hiroshi 17 Dec, 2011
Hi!)) I'm really happy to have found your letter here today)) Wow, you're a member of Red Cross team, that's impressive. )) If you had no time, that's Ok, of course. I understand. But to avoid some misunderstandings in future, let's agree to the following: in case when one of us has no free time at all at the moment or completely not in the mood for talking , this person writes a little note such as "sorry, I'll be busy for several days, that's why I'll answer to your letter several days later." or something like this. Ok?

Wow, so many links)) Great. )) Probably, random photos are even more interesting to discuss than favorite ones. Right now I can't follow the links and look at the photos because I'm at work today. And the Internet here doesn't let people do whatever they want. (( So, opening many links with photos is too much for it, unfortunately. But I'll check the links at home, that's for sure.
This Saturday is working day for me, but it's not bad. On the contrary, I'm lucky XD Because Saturday is the only day of the week when both of our bosses are at home. XD Freedom! )) It doesn't mean that I don't work today at all. But usually I work twice harder than on Saturdays)) So do the other people who work here. The boys will even bring some rock music today. Usually there is classical or some old slow calm music in our store. And yes, this kind of music is appropriate for it, of course. But on Saturdays we can listen to some other stuff. Sometimes we even listen to something Japanese here XD The customers have fun, too. Because for them it's very unusual to listen to Linkin Park or something like that in a bookstore like ours, which is 19-th century looking and a bit in a museum style.
So today I'll spend 2/3 of working time on the work, and 1/3 on me - writing the letter to you, learning new kanjis, and talking with other people who work here))) A nice day, really. ))
About the GMT. Yes, I know about the "saving time system". We used to do that, too. But this year we stopped that. I guess that we stopped to use that system because current Russian president didn't like to remember about changing time at his own watches XD I always wondered If Russia was the only country who used the saving time system or if the system was international. Now I know that it exists in your country, too. This , probably, means that the whole Europe uses it, too.

Ryosuke's photobook hasn't come to me, yet... (( *tears in eyes* I'm sulking because of this fact. The damned post office. It works perfectly 9 out of 10 times. And this time when I really need the photobook as soon as possible, those guys have some problems... If it doesn't come to me today or on Monday, I'll be totally upset...(((

Yesterday Internet at home didn't work. They promised to fix it today but in Russia you never know what is waiting for you. So I'm not sure when I'm on-line from home. That's why don't worry If I am not here for 2 or 3 days.

Though, I can't follow the links to photos you have posted now, I liked reading the comments. And I have some guesses about what photos you were talking about. )) Later I'll find out If I was right or not))) Miura-san has not so many photos, unfortunately. Really far not so many as Kame does, for example. I wonder how many photos Kame, actually, has. ))) More than 2 thousands, probably ... Or even more than 3 thousands.... What do you think?)) Miura-san has less than 700 photos, I think... (I mean published ones). But let's hope the role of Ankh will make him much more popular than he was before . I'm comparing Ryosuke to Kame now because you wrote about "your" cat Kazu ))) It's very sad that you're allergic to cats(( Do you have some other pet at home?
That's it. Now I'll go and work. Bye))
hiroshi 16 Dec, 2011
Hi! How are you? You've not answered my letters, though you was here today and yesterday. That's why I'm worried, - probably, I've offended you somehow... I hope not. I didn't mean to. But If I did, I'm sorry...
hiroshi 13 Dec, 2011
That's me again)) I've just sent a short letter to you, so I hope you've noticed the previous one, as well )))
Math test... This sounds horrible. I was not good with math at all in school. I hated it. In the University I didn't have math (Thank God!) but I had linguistic math instead. It was boring and not useful at all. Linguistics itself is not useful, I would say, though it's my profession. But still I have to give a credit to it, it really helps me very much in learning Japanese now. So the University was not complete waste of time XD
I hope you'll get good results at the test.
Yeah, "Shibatora" is very good. So when you decide to watch another Ryosuke-drama as you've said)) , I'd recommend this one. And we'll discuss it then )))
I'm glad you don't mind my age. I don't like talking to people who are older than me. Because sometimes it seems that all they are interested in is their money and their little children... and they usually love to prove that they're successful . And if one person is trying to prove to his friend that he is so successful and his work is better than the friend's work (men), or her husband is richer than her friend's one (women), her dress is more fashionable and so on... I hate this. Trying to prove that they are better in something... is not friendship. Not real friendship. Not all adults are like those, of course. But many of them. I don't want to be a part of this "world of pretending" . That's why I feel much better talking to younger people. To the people who think about you as a person and who can talk about everything without pretending. That's it. ))
And about Sam and Dean. I prefer Sam. Though, it's hard to choose, you're right. ))) By the way, I have a kitten. He is Oriental cat, 5 months old now. His name is Jensen XD Yeah, we've called him Jensen after Dean's actor, Jensen Ackles. )))
hiroshi 13 Dec, 2011
Ok, let it be next time or whenever you'll have more free time and be in the right mood for making the choice)) I'm not at all offended or something like this, that's why don't worry about it.
By the way, Russian time zone is GMT+4, that means it's 01:25 right now. What time zone is Hungary in?))
About meeting people... As Russia is so big, it doesn't matter if my friends are from my own country or they are from abroad. Because the distance can be too long, anyway. Actually, I'm much closer to your city than to some Russian cities where my other internet-friends live. ))) Both of us are really unlucky to live so far from Japan(((
hiroshi 13 Dec, 2011
Hi, Kicc!))) How are you? Thanks for the letter))
So, you like "Supernatural". Do you prefer Sam or Dean?)) "Supernatural" is more or less good, but I'm not a fan of it. That is, probably, because I'm watching it just to pay my lover for watching KM OOO XD. Right now we're somewhere in the middle of the 4-th season, if I'm not mistaken. I don't mind American series. Some of them are really good. But usually I'm like "How can you watch this if there are so many Japanese series we haven't watched yet?! " XDD
"The simple things" you were talking about... Walking in the city and so on. Meeting in real life. I don't think it's childish)) It's really nice. Though, I'm really not the right person to judge, not at all, because I often think and behave as if I'm 17 years old or so. (actually, I'm 25) With all fangirling ... And many other things which are not appropriate for adults XD I mean , they are supposed to be not appropriate for adults. But it's really seldom when I think the way and do the things wich are supposed to be normal by our society. But still... In real life have you ever met the person who has been your Internet-friend before? I have met them several times. But it was no so good as I wanted it to be. Because in real life I'm not so easy-going and talkative person as I am here. I'm getting shy, don't know what to talk about... become nervous and start to think that it's boring for my my friend to be with me. But in spite of all of this, I take all the opportunities to meet my internet-friends In real life when it's possible.
I'm currently watching "Shibatora". Miura-san is in it. His role is not big, but It's good to see him, anyway. The drama itself is very good, awesome! I love it! One of the best I've ever seen. ))
Let's show each other some more favorite Ryosuke's photos)) This time NOT from the photobooks but from the blog or from some magazines. Ok?))