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pochomelon 03 Dec, 2017
i had to go look for the information again, but i submitted again - if it's still not good this time, can you not reject it and just tell me so i can edit it instead of looking for all of the information again?
pochomelon 02 Dec, 2017
i don't read korean but can you use this source for my title submission earlier?
smaclair 26 Sep, 2017
Okay, I will~
chiyako92 20 Jul, 2017
I have a submission rejected by hideki on 15 Jun, 2017. The other one, as I said, is pending since three weeks ago, but if you say it was rejected as well, I'll go searching for another one.
chiyako92 17 Jul, 2017
Hi ^_^
After the rejection, I submitted a different photo two weeks ago, but it's still waiting for a response.
sullilea 22 Jan, 2017
Sure :) Thank you again *-*
chiyako92 21 Jan, 2017
Okay, I've retranslated with Naver translator, corrected and put the reasult link in sources.
minamisummer 12 Jan, 2017
I think, I'm ready