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watashiwachiaki 14 Oct, 2015
did u go? I sure hope you didn't. Coz the 1st movie has more gore than the 2nd. and that gore was the only good thing this movie has lol.
but at least my friends and I had fun making fun of the movie hehe
watashiwachiaki 04 Oct, 2015
hi! letting u know my friends and I watched Shingeki no kyojin End of the World in 4D...LOL
The film was on it's 2nd week and are only available on very few cinemas here. fewer than the first film. I guess it's the result of the bad reviews of the 1st film. But glad to know that the small theatre we watched in was full.
watashiwachiaki 17 Aug, 2015
It's subtitled.

Oh yeah it's probably from news_jpop haha! I kinda remember now. nice to chat with u here lol
watashiwachiaki 16 Aug, 2015
hi! your nickname is very familiar.

Anyway, I don't know which countries are showing Shingeki in their local cinemas. Here in the Philippines, after ruroken live action movie & detective conan movies became very successful, they started getting rights to show Japanese movies as well. but mostly those popular live action stuff (like Lupin III & Black Butler) because animes are very popular here ^_^
miscreave 01 May, 2015
Ok thank you :)
miscreave 27 Apr, 2015
Where did you watch strobe edge?
hakaina 31 Mar, 2015
hello :) I've just came across your profile and noticed you're watching oniichan gacha. may I ask you where you find the episodes? because I can't find anything farther than the 7th one, not to mention the subtitles =n= thanks anyway, really sorry for disturbing you :)
ladyleen92 10 Feb, 2015
hello! I met another JE Fan in MDL xD yoroshiko