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minami sineyo TV
dream high TV
sangsokjadeul TV
sseulsseulhago chanranhasin: dokkaebi TV
mahou kishi rayearth animation
ao no exorcist animation
sword art online animation
Lee Hong Gi person
Jang Geun Seok person
Park Sin Hye person
Shinkai Makoto person
Kim Go Eun person
Lee Min Ho person
Ulquiorra Cifer character
Hitsugaya Toushirou character
Okumura Rin character


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28y.o // Mother of two daughters + 3 cats // Engaged 1.1.2017 //


ninna 18 Aug, 2013
emmelined 25 Apr, 2012
wow! *-* how old is she? :3
I have 6 frog plusies, and one of those is very big *-* and it's so soft! The big one has also a name, Aoi, because it's my favorite and I love blue color, even though Aoi is green LOL and also, I have a tiny frog in my bag made of bead.. It's just adorable *-* well, I have to visit your boyfriend's house if there is a frog's heaven LOL
I'm from Chile (yeaaah, it's pretty far)
Anime.. well, when I was little, there was a program in Chilean TV that showed anime such as Sailor Moon, Detective Conan, Slam Dunk, etc... Well I was a Sailor Moon' fan... so I can say that I see anime since I was 7 years old, (or maybe I was younger than that, now I'm 20) But I become an anime's fan when I saw FMA, in 2006 *-* and my first drama was Hana Kimi, in 2007, but I started to see more dramas in 2010, and then I couldn't stop LOL

And you? :3
emmelined 25 Apr, 2012
wow nice picture, such a cute rabbit *-*
And now that I see... you also collect frog stuff?!!! We are two now *-* I love them... *-*
Finland... nice country *-* I want to visit it someday...
Hi! I was passing by :B
kissmehitme 27 Feb, 2012
hope so
kissmehitme 22 Feb, 2012
Ehee kuha ensi opin tän ja sillee ;33
hideki 15 Aug, 2011
Why, thank you very much!

My nickname is taken from chobits. XDD

I'll think about the canvas bags. XD
intiaanilapsi 08 May, 2011
heii heii heiii!
hideki 08 Jan, 2011
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