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dodii 04 Jan, 2013
Wouah, you didn't have any days off for holidays?

Tired too here but because of myself -_-, abusing a bit too much? I don't know, I hardly sleep earlier these days. Like right now, 5:23am -_-"! So I'll try to sleep after this message.

School starts again on january 14, so I enjoy the free time I have with littles brothers before leaving.

I hope you'll have time to relax and enjoy the week-end ;)! Take care and don't sleep too late as I do :)

dodii 26 Dec, 2012
Hellowwww, how are you!?!?! It's been a while! I wish you happy holidays! Enjoy all the good time with families & friends and may you have great vacation!! Take care~
nessssbm 05 Oct, 2012
@miwtf Concerning the bromance couple in SKKS, do you mean jae shin and yong ha?? im so with you if thats the case. XD is there a bromance group around here too? cus i need to join it. NOW.


ps - just wanted to share this K-drama couple flashback. the farther down you go the older the dramas.
dutchviola 04 Oct, 2012
yes, please post them on the forum and I'll take a look at them and add them later^^
dutchviola 04 Oct, 2012
I just recently found out myself ~_^

I made a list of titles, it's a topic on the forum, check it out^^
dutchviola 03 Oct, 2012

On the page of the drama Ti Amo Chocolate I read you comment about you loving Gender Benders, so I think you'll love this group: Gender benders ~ <3 join us^^
dodii 22 Jun, 2012
OMG that's so GREAT!! Ohhhh DEATH NOTE <3!! Wouahhh must have been beautiful! Did you make the costums yourselves? Wouahh,happy that you had an amazing time and met new people, what could you ask more :D!!

Haha, anyways keep enjoying life and having fun with your entourage ^^

My week was big -_- exams plus laboratories... but almost done :D! It's national party on monday so no school. So I came back home. I plan to watch few dramas with lil bros plus one just got 6, so a birthday too and movies late night now that school is over for them.

The event you attended, one is coming soon on august. Can't wait but don't know wich colspay I should do :/. So I guess I will fiind out till then ^^

Have a nice week-end too and take care :D
dodii 11 Jun, 2012
Heyheyyy, how are youuu?
Did you buy the new Diablo? My bf is already done but it's not my kind L0L!
Are you enjoying a bit the summer time with some ice cream and friends?
Here, the sun is killing, plus exams start this week O:!
ALready can't wait to be done ^^

I hope you're doing fine ;)! Have a niiice week and takr care :D