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interests kanjani8, modelling, acting, karaoke (online and bar), making youtube videos, mixing music, writing novels, reading, watching Asian dramas (duh!), translating Japanese video clips
located Tokyo || Vancouver
born 07 May
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hana yori dango TV
coffee prince 1 hojeom TV
koizora film
e mo zai shen bian TV
kamisama, mou sukoshi dake TV
kamen rider denou TV
Ookura Tadayoshi person
Satou Takeru person
Miura Haruma person
Yang Cheng Lin person
Saitou Takumi person
Yamada Yuuki person


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Kristy Mysticwater
Twitter/Instagram: @mysticwater

Lvl 30 カナダ人 ❤︎ 特殊能力:日本語 ❤︎ Internationally experienced model/actress ❤︎ YouTuber/モデル/女優 ❤︎ Gingerale Addict ❤︎ 88line EIGHTER∞ & IGOT7

I am conversationally fluent in Japanese, completely self-taught, after 10 years of absorbing the language in odd ways (dramas being the main source of my knowledge)


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