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xxmai 26 Feb, 2016
Rachel~!!! I agree with your review on the king of high school. And now your favs are my favs too. hahaha I can see why you love them. They're super awesome! Seo In Guk is especially incredible. I LOVED all his quirks and everything in that show. :D
I wish the list here on MDL is longer than 5, so I can add that drama to my favs list too. :(
xxmai 01 Oct, 2015
I guess our TV stations like those movies back then. I believe even now... right after all the Turkish and Indian ones. :P
xxmai 30 Sep, 2015
Yeah, kind of same like me. I watched so many of them on TV when I was younger, at least 50+ titles, but there's not way I can remember their names now. haha :D
xxmai 29 Sep, 2015
Branching out into the Chinese market, I see. :P
xxmai 13 Jun, 2015
Indeed, indeed. I had such a hard time watching dramas back in the days, and only stuck with Japanese ones, but now I'm noticing the trend that I'm leaning towards the Korean more, because they're starting to be more appealing. ^-^
xxmai 11 Jun, 2015
Speed of light. ;P I had a free day at work, and I just speed through most of the episodes during work, and then two nights after work, so yeah - fast.
It's hard for me to just sit around and wait patiently. My patience is getting worse with every year. :P
But I was just telling Raymond yesterday, and I was about it write more today, I have way too many complaints about the show. I'll just blame it on the fact that it was filmed 5 years ago. :D Ah, but, I gave it a higher score because of the overall concept. hihi

Oh, and last night I wanted to see how different the 2nd season is, so I started watching that, too. But........ as most say, it doesn't even come close to the first season, and to me this whole thing seems more like a parody, rather than having any focus on music. So sad T_____T
xxmai 22 May, 2015
xxmai 21 May, 2015
Pih, still no profile pic? D;