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last active 31 Aug, 2014
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interests Dancing - hip-hop different styles. Drawing, styling, designing, painting, graffiti, coding homepages. I am also avid gamer. Photography. Singing. And so forth. Asian cultures, food, movies, TV-series include here as well and have a big part in my life!
located Europe
born 07 Jan, 1986
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my princess TV
bandage film
shi mian mai fu film
shimotsuma monogatari film
jin da hua de hua li mao xian TV
moon child film


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Ghost | RolePlayer | Melomaniac | Writer | Dancer | Model | Artist | Cook

I live, breathe and love the lifestyle that is known to be coming straight from the streets - hip-hop. :3
Plus am I buddhist and try my best to keep it positive and happy at all cost! May come off arrogant and cold, but it is quite the opposite. Why don't you care to take a deeper look?


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