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emmeline 30 Nov, 2011
well, it's not that boring but you'll have to study all the time. i don't have much free time, so that's the only thing that sucks :S
hiroyuki 22 Nov, 2011
I got the eps today, so I'll watch them tonight. I hope I can finish it fast. I'm getting really excited :D
I'm over 2 episode. Finally I understand why are they running XD This is so much fun!!
My favourite song is... B.T.D maybe. When it was released I wasn't big fan of Infinite (at this time... I was stupid XD) but when I heard then... I fell in love immediately. ^o^ But maybe Infinite is the only band whose i love all song...
Yes, I have a lot now. This is a little country and I live a reeeally little town, where asian fans number is less than 15. Do you have a lot?

(ah~ sorry for my bad english, i'm not perfect xD)
hiroyuki 19 Nov, 2011
Not yet, but my schoolmates will lend to me. ^w^ I watched the first episode but without english sub so I didn't understand at all X"D It wasn't much fine...
Hm... I fell in love with Hoya during 'Be mine' promotion I think... He's really hot :D And I like his voice too :3 But hard to choose one favourite.
Which song is your favourite?
emmeline 18 Nov, 2011
i'm studying law. so boring -.-" but it's better than highschool lol
are you watching anything interesting?
hiroyuki 15 Nov, 2011
Thanks! ^o^
Ooh~ you dont bother me!! :) My favourite... hm... at the moment it's Hoya ^,^ yours?
hiroyuki 04 Nov, 2011
Yes, I love them very much, you too? :3
emmeline 31 Oct, 2011
Hey! I'm good, i moved to another city because i started going to college.. I don't have internet there yet so it sucks :(
How are you? :D
mushuto 17 Sep, 2011
Oh, im from Bulgaria =p nice too meet you, from how long you watch dramas? :D