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I'm really bad at introduction >.> But, let's try this. Douzo!


When I was in primary school, Takuya Kimura was my first love *gets bricked*. Long Vacation, anyone? La la la Love Song~
Well, that was how I started watching Japanese dramas. Around 3 years ago, due to the curse of a thing called fast internet, I started watching dramas/movies again, mostly Japanese. Almost failed uni because of it.
...Kiddin |D

I like funny dramas more than anything, the more retarded (Japanese-style weird that you can't find anywhere else) it is, the more I like it. Hey, no judging please. Second would be either medical or mystery dramas.
Other than dramas, I love a rainbow crack group called Arashi, and also a Korean shabby-yet-adorable band called FT Island ♥

For whatever reason you ended up reading this lame intro, yoroshiku! ^^


nanuklein 02 Feb, 2011
*blushes* omg omg, first Malaysian flag! :O Thank youuuu! :D
nanuklein 29 Jan, 2011
nanuklein 28 Dec, 2010
Beach? XD Gosh, that would be nice now. Here it's freezing cold with snow and ice. Either way, in that case I shall wish you a nice jump into the new year as well. Happy New Year, fellow! ;)
nanuklein 25 Dec, 2010
Merry Christmas! XD
starnitex 04 Dec, 2010
haha it's cool. I ♥ random comments.
yeah the show is so awesome! Nice list you have there. ^^
nanuklein 25 Nov, 2010
Aww, are you still ill? That sucks. Going to work while being sick that must suck! Hope you get better soon! :)
I loled at your avatar...XD
nanuklein 20 Nov, 2010
Yo Slowcharlotte ;) lets see I took the privilege to add you as a friend Har har har