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Hi there ^v^, my name is Angela and I'm a 22 year old from The Netherlands.

I have been working and traveling for the past few years and now I'm getting back to College to get my degree so wish me luck.

Some things I enjoy and love:

✿ Watching series/dramas/films
✿ Love being creative with music, art, drawing ect.
✿ I like to learn new languages and I have interests in many cultures and I love traveling
✿ Sports: Dancing, Swimming, Cycling, Aikido
✿ Loving Nature, Animals, Flowers
✿ Also have some soft spots for other things like space, pastels, organising and more ♡


*Still working on this page 75% complete*


Also watched/not in MDL :

Philippines drama's:

Barcelona: A Love Untold ★★★
A true love story -


Beautiful Vampire


daehwigwi 15 Feb, 2019
Hello Angela ✿

Ik heb vorige week hymn of the death gekeken nadat je had geappt dat ik die echt moest gaan kijken. Goede serie!
Nog spannende kdramas die ik echt moet gaan kijken?
daehwigwi 21 Dec, 2018
Ola sister!

How are you doing today?

See ya later alligator!
daehwigwi 23 Jul, 2018
Hi Girl!
Ik ben er weer! Haha!

Bye xoxo
daehwigwi 04 Jan, 2018
dutchviola 24 Dec, 2017

Bedankt^^ en ik wens jou ook fijne feestdagen!

milisia 02 Oct, 2017
Sorry for lazy reply. Well it depends what you like. For me, it's too dragged, and have many boring parts, so ...nothing special.
misssunshine 26 Jul, 2017
Haha I know right? xD
misssunshine 26 Jul, 2017