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iosimo 16 Sep, 2016
yes i planned to watch moon lovers too, it seems so interesting!!
i want to finish healers cause i already dropped so many dramas
iosimo 16 Sep, 2016
really? for me the begginning is a little bit boring, hope to finish that soon
poulminjae 17 Jun, 2015
Okay, since I don't understand Russian language at all and I can't read your signs, I'll follow you on insta xD
My insta ID is: paouliness ,so you will know it's me :)
And yes, I have kakaotalk xD You can find me by my ID: Paouliness (I don't know if uppercase is important here but it starts with big letter)
Feel free to talk to me anytime xD
poulminjae 14 Jun, 2015
No worries xD I'm glad that you wrote so long message ^^
Haha we have similar taste in music *~*

Aaaaaaaawwwww *Q*
We have similar favorite actors too~! I love Seong Jun! He's one of my main biases ever! His acting, his voice, his face... I just love him so much! And also Ji Chang Wook, he's so good. I really really love his acting! Also Mingi, his roles were so good so far! I also like Park Shin Hye. I can't understand why people diss her so hard! She's so cute, and in Hairs and Pinocchio she acted very well! She's not bad at all!
Actually Hwang Jeong Eum is on my black list because I really disliked her in Kill ME Heal Me, but I love Ha Ji Won as well and Gong Hyo Jin OMG she's so adorable! And Kim So Hyeon, I follow her acting through years and I love her!
I also can talk about it a lot ;-;
I'm glad we can fangirl together XD

Anyway...Jimin... he's so cruel. He's not my main bias in Bangtan but I can't help it, I scream inside everytime I see him, he's just too sexy and he appears in my dreams and his voice is so good and I can't understand why Bangtan members call him ugly... he's like one of most handsome members of BTS -.-'''''
Do you have twitter or insta? I would like to follow you! Let me know what are your usernames there!
emmeline 13 Jun, 2015
I started High Society yesterday and it's so good! i highly recommend it! i'm really enjoying plot and male leads are so hot, i fell for hyung sik again OTL hahaha
emmeline 13 Jun, 2015
I'm at uni, I'm studying for a preschool teacher :) How about you?

Oh, I'll have to check it out then when I catch some time :D
emmeline 13 Jun, 2015
Hey, umm nothing much, I'm watching varieties and drama when I should be studying hhh, but oh well lol. How about you, watching anything interesting? :D
poulminjae 13 Jun, 2015
OMG! Are you my soulmate? xD
Answearing your questions:
If I have to choose just one in Bangtan, this would be J-Hope.
But Bangtan is this one group I have a lot of biases in and I cannot really choose. I love J-Hope, Namjoon, Jungkook and of course Jimin. I love Tae Tae too and recently Suga also stays strong in my heart. And about Jin... he's look isn't my style at all, but I love him for his kind personality. So basically I ove the whole Bangtan xD Gosh, why is it so hart to choose just one of them? xD What about you??

My other favorite groups and singers are BtoB (Ilhoon <3), Block B (U-Kwon, Zico <3) , EXO (Baekyun<3) (I honestly like their music, but I don't know EXO well), Big Bang (I don't have bias in Bigbang, I just like them), History (OMG, showing their abs on stage is just... argh), BIGFLO (Z-UK), C-Clown (first I chose Maru but he's too young hehee xD so I changed my bias to Rome), ToppDogg (Gohn and HoJoon), VIXX (Hyuk and N), Mr.Mr, CNBLUE (Yonghwa <3), N.Flying (Cha Hun), UNIQ (Wenhan), WINNER and of course B.A.P (forever my love Bang Yongguk <3)
And I like Jay Park, John Park, Crush, Zion.T, Beenzino, Iron, Rain. And I totally fall in love with The Ark, this new girl group.

About dramas... I can't choose one xD
I loved Warrior Baek Dong Soo, I watched it 4 times *^*
And I loved School 2013, Pinocchio, I hear Your Voice, It's okay that's love, You who came from the stars, and I Need Romance 3 .... there are more but these are my very favorite (I'm quite sure I forgot about something..... )
Who are your favorite actors? I have so many favorite actors that I can't even count them now xD