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stellybish 27 Aug, 2012
haha that's okay with me xDD
noope I don't xD but just because there are too many eps T__T
But I know all the couples and I've seen cuts and stuff *-*
Do you watch it?
stellybish 26 Aug, 2012
yeah, its's nice =p
OMG!! no i hadn't seen it xD
LOLOL He was so funny o.O
like a chicken who lost his wings xDDD
i decided not to add friends on mdl or mal xD
but that doesn't mean we can't be friends ^^
stellybish 25 Aug, 2012
Yeah, but the 1st page from the kiss was kinda ugly :/
Kazehaya looked so weird there >_>
But the rest of the pages were okay xd
uaa what a nice name *o*
stellybish 24 Aug, 2012
Yeah they kissed xD finally xD
& the kiss was.... 4-5 pages ;o haha
omg you started watching Reply 1997?? *o*
btw; my name is Stella xD Nice to meet you ^^
stellybish 24 Aug, 2012
huuh these days it's hard for me to watch them all too ;w;
I think I won't be able to watch some of them until the end T^T
& I hate it when I do that xD
haha I just randomly found this gif xDD
YES *o*, when I see him.. dunno... he just gives off so much happiness xDD
Because of him I became a chicken maniac xDD haha
I love KnT too but true they are so slow >_>
Did you read the newest chapter? 71 I think?
Finally a kiss !! OMG !! xDDD
stellybish 24 Aug, 2012
lol yeah Bridal Mask is a serios drama xDD
The longest drama I've watched is 30 episodes and I didn't know it's gonna be that long but by the time I knew I already loved it too much to stop watching it xD & I dont regret it cuz it (Can You Hear My Heart) was one of the best dramas I've seen ~
Hope this will make you watch Reply 1997 even more xDD ^^
haha yes, Onew is my bias ;o
actually he's my ULTIMATE one xD Not only from Shinee *-*
Do you have one? ;o
& omg sawako on your icon <33
stellybish 23 Aug, 2012
*had to check your country too* xDD
guess we're still gonna have to speak in english xDD haha
I personally like both a lot *o*
Bridal Mask is really interesting! Full of action and glorious moments. The actors are great and the story is developed really well *o*
Hope they won't mess the ending T__T
Reply 1997 is more like a family story xD I've cried & laughed during the episodes that are subbed for now xD
The main girl really is crazy xDD Totally a fangirl xDD There are also many complicated love stories *o*
Tho the episodes are not really 16 but 8 because each ep is devided in two parts, one is usually 45 minues and the other 15/20.
So two episodes are 60 minutes ~
Gosh I wrote too much! >_> *coughs*
azzel 21 Aug, 2012
Si si ^^ sorry ze teraz dopiero, straciłam neta na ponad tydzień xD Co do SA - powiem szczerze ze pierwsze wrażenia były bardzo mierne - postaci - taki standard który wiadomo do czego prowadzi, a fabuła troszkę jak Ouran prowadzona , no a kreska - dla mnie oni wszyscy są tacy podobni o_O kreska mi sie nie podoba, strawnie, ale te długie nogi, podobne fryzury, kolory, huh, naprawdę rozpoznaje tylko po kolorach włosów czasami xD Ale już koło połowy jakoś tak nawet przyjemniej się zrobiło, humor bardziej podpasował czy coś ^^ jesteś w stanie coś polecić z komromów? w sumie szkolnie też moze byc ale jakieś coś nieszablonowego? co prawda postanowiłam pooglądać od nowa animce co mam na płytach ale może w miedzy czasie coś nowego też pozarzucam^^