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angelsara 11 Jan, 2015
Thanks! ^^
rawrsiviee 14 May, 2013
Click on the banner ^-^
ayumi674 27 Sep, 2012
Paradise kiss, buzzer beat and koizora great!
And I love too Kitagawa Keiko! <3
yokochan 20 Feb, 2012
No Problem =)
i know this pages from my friends,too. =D
yokochan 18 Feb, 2012
yokochan 17 Feb, 2012
Omg oh yes that´s really difficult i think =/
i make a education of becoming a hotel specialist & then i want to go to ... maybe Asia !? xD this were cool !
yokochan 16 Feb, 2012
Hahahaha Nice *______* He is the Best <3<3<3<3

oooh then you must hurry =D xD =O yeah !!!
what are you studying then ? =)
yokochan 15 Feb, 2012
Ah Seiya Fan ? me,too. <3 He is damn Sexy *O* but he is a anime boy =´( oooh sad

Yes the Teddy Cats -.- soo bad
i want a real luna *__________________________* at my home. xD

omg yeah para kiss was soooo perfect *__________* HELLO *_______* <3<3
but iam a NANA freak xD
omg i love the mangaka ! i read the manga Princess Ai too. sooo perfect =D

OMG keiko is totaly one of the bests <3<3<3<3<

yeah i know what you mean =D
because when iam thinking, texting, reading, listening about MY favourite ... anime / manga / movie / and sooo ... then i want to
watch it again again again =D