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lynfor 13 Sep, 2015
I am so so sorry for my really late reply.
I've been on vacation but I'm finally back home now.
I went to Scandinavia and it was amazing. Didn't want to come back really. LOL.
Now that i'm back, I've managed to catch up with a few drama & anime episodes. *phew*
How are you though?
I'm still waiting for Mr. Postman to deliver "Otherside" - all 3 editions. D:
Managed to raise a few glasses on their 24th anniversary in Sweden though - my KINGS!!!
lynfor 18 Aug, 2015
Of course you can call me lyn :D

Well… Death Note has gone immensely intense! :D The sixth episode was amazing and left me astonished. I must now wait until Thursday for the subtitles to the new episode.

What have you been watching recently? Anything good?
lynfor 07 Aug, 2015
How dare MDL stretch out ShinTaku though! :o
The dimensions are 250x350, hope it works^^

At first I thought the drama was moving way too fast, compared to the movies.
However, Kubota Masataka has really impressed me as Light after the third episode.
Just hope it can carry the pace and not flop towards the end.
lynfor 02 Aug, 2015
I had a bit of trouble sorting out my prof. pic too.
I spent ages trying to configure the dimensions before getting it right.

I've only watched one episode of Ouroboros. (´Д` )
My friend has warned me not to watch it without her lol!
I'm currently watching Death Note drama and it has really surprised me.
Soooo good! :D
lynfor 28 Jul, 2015
oMG I love your new prof pic! ♡ cuties!!
lynfor 28 Jul, 2015
Don't worry about the late replies~ I'm the same. :D
A lot of people aren't too keen on poor Oguri (don't worry Shunkun, I still love yew! :3) lol
Atm I'm working on introducing my friend to dramas~ I've started her off with Ouroboros :D
lynfor 15 Jul, 2015
I blame Oguri Shun x Ikuta Toma for introducing me to SMAP ;) Damn ikemen *shakes fist*
lynfor 10 Jul, 2015
SMAP = Life ruiners♡
Hirochan ain't even sorry 'bout it :D