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Critical drama watcher D:
Mainly because it's hard to find masterpieces these days~


pantheria 01 Nov, 2011
Heya, how are you? I thought I'd share the new group I made for HYDE fans (L'Arc/VAMPS too). Feel free to join. :)

suketeru 18 Sep, 2011
I started IS too and am already at ep7!! It really is interesting, isn't it ^__^

Ashita no Joe *___* I watched it twice at the cinema last March~ :3 My DVD box arrived a few days ago too, but haven't had the courage to open it, just like every other Yamapi DVD I ever bought XD

I know what you mean about them being repetitive. But still they're well-made, so I'm watching till the end ^_^ Like, I only have a couple of eps to finish them anyway XD Ouran will have a movie too! O.o

Oh I recently read about "runaway" which has Ueda Tatsuya as well. Apparently it's similar to Prison Break, but I've never watched the latter, so I have no idea how it will be. Still, the synopsis sounds interesting ^^
suketeru 13 Sep, 2011
Yeah, there's been talk of version 3 of the site for quite some time. I like this better than the old version ^_^
Hmm from this season I'm watching Ryo-chan's drama (zenkai girl) which is enjoyable. Also "ikemen desu ne" and "ouran koukou host club" are fun. From last season, maybe Rebound. But all these are kinda comedy. Did you want sth more dramatic?

I thought Yamapi would have a drama next season, but nothing >.< Kame has one, but it doesn't seem very interesting ^^;

How's IS? I have it planned, but wanna finish off other dramas first.
suketeru 12 Sep, 2011
OSOI!!! XD How's it going? ^_^
suketeru 16 Apr, 2011
YOU! You're here, too!! XD
pantheria 04 Feb, 2011
Haha. I was drawn in by your Gackt pic too XD! So I added you. Hope that's ok. :)
shirayuki 21 Jan, 2011
hahaha :D i see almost everyone reacts to your Gackt profile picture XD me as well ofc ^^'
memekoo 04 Oct, 2010
شكراً جزيلاً .. :)