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buzzer beat: gakeppuchi no hero TV
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healer TV
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pasukkun film
sen to chihiro no kamikakushi animation
howl no ugoku shiro animation
byousoku 5 centimeter animation
nana animation
Ninomiya Kazunari person
Park Hae Jin person
Gyu Hyeon person
Tiffany person
Kim U Bin person
Lee Jong Seok person


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dashuu 22 Jan, 2015
we should be friends!
steh 04 Dec, 2014
Do you love TTS too? XD

I still love JPop and JDramas but it's so difficult to find it to download nowadays :(
steh 23 Nov, 2014
Yes, I do! :D Seohyun, Sooyoung and Tiffany are my bias XD
Which are your favorite beyond Funny? :3
Oh, thank you <3 Do you like Yamapi too? *-*

Sorry for answering just now, I have not logged in here lately ;/
ninacorrea 11 Jul, 2014
Hi. Did you see the movie "The liar and his lover" with eng subs???
steh 09 Jul, 2014
Thank you. (:
I see you are a fan of Fany :D I like her too and love SNSD. <3
steh 01 Jul, 2014
Added you (:
sonja 03 Jun, 2014
ooooooooooooooy :)
taraneh 29 Jan, 2014
Hi ^^ I added you on my list, hope that's fine :)