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alleinr 07 Jan, 2015
d0npian0 30 Dec, 2014
Yay, I'm glad it arrived! :) I was worried about it getting lost in the mail.

I hope your neighbours didn't call the police or anything D:
Oh and I have a bunch of those flyers, because I always ask people to bring some for me whenever they go to Japan, and I thought, since this is MDL, that I might as well share that collection haha

Your card hasn't arrived yet btw. But now I at least know who the missing person was :D
xaxa 12 Oct, 2014
уже писал отзыв
yunchin 06 Jun, 2014
Щедрая Катенька ставит всем два))
jonyks 03 Jun, 2014
Кааатя, мяу :)
julia 23 Apr, 2014 этот фильм тоже самое что голос убийцы? и концовка такая же?
xaxa 16 Apr, 2014
рад, что понравилось, принимайся за второй сезон))
yunchin 14 Apr, 2014
Кто-то дорвался до просмотра дорам :)