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dutchviola 15 Jan, 2013
While I was checking the KBS Drama Special titles in the database, I came across your comments/reviews several times, so I knew you would be interested^^

I'm glad to be of service ~_^!
dutchviola 14 Jan, 2013
I think you might like this: KBS Drama Special Titles
leviathan 21 Sep, 2012
Sorry for the late reply i was at outside of the town for university :) and i see! thank you so much for information then i have to wait for English subs XD
leviathan 15 Sep, 2012
Hello, no time no talk! I hope you're fine. ;) It seems you're watching Taira no Kiyomori. I tried to watch it but can't find english subs after ep 5... Any ideas?
rochan 14 Sep, 2012
*nur mal kurz winken wollte* <3
Na, gehts dir gut? =3
yummy 02 Aug, 2012
Korrekt :D Dann kann ich dich ja auch endlich stalken <3
nac369 16 Jul, 2012
Arg...You didn't really convinced me.I feel a little desperate now...And I am not really fluent in japanese.So I have to wait until someone subs it.I think I am going to wait forever.Or I can learn japanese...Not gonna be easy!
Yes,we have a high compatibility!But you have seen wayyyyyyy more things than me.So I look in your stuff to find new things to watch!
(and sorry if my english is not perfect but I am french).
nac369 16 Jul, 2012
Thank you anyway!I'll wait for subtitles,even if I don't really think there will be any. Or I'll try watching it without it...Is it a good drama? (if it si,please lie,this way I won't be too disappointed!XD)