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angi 30 Oct, 2011
I think I will start 11nin too!! I totally feel like watching it at the moment!
I also started Kisarazu Cat's Eye because of the cast thought mainly because of Takashi Tsukamoto, I like this guy a lot. When I started it I wasn't exspecting anything and after just the second episode I already loved it to bits! It's an amazing and hilirious drama.
Sometimes I also get bored of a genre but that never takes long 'cause after a while I love watching this gerne again. Do you have favorite genre? ^-^
angi 30 Oct, 2011
The beginning of Runaway was lame but later it got so good. I am totaly amazed by this drama and after the end of the first episode I don't want to wait for the next one. >-<
Which are the two other ones you want to start?
I already thought about watching 11nin mo iru too since I the screenwriter is the same ones as for Kisarazu Cat's Eye and I totaly love the humor of Kisarazu Cat's Eye!!! *-*
So maybe 11nin mo iru is also VERY funny! ^-^
I hope Kaito is going to be subbed soon untel yesterday there wasn't even the raw file of the first episode uploaded but my hopes are high!!
Yeah I know those people who are never statisfied, when you look at there profiles they already watched a lot but they complained about everysingle drama/movie. When seeing this I would like to ask them why they are watching drama/movies since it seems that they don't really like them. o-O
Or why do people watch movies/drama with a genre that they don't like. I would never watch a drama or movie that I know I wouldn't like because of the genre! -_-
angi 29 Oct, 2011
Yeah I already saw that you started a lot of the new dramas.
I don't know anything about them! XD The only new dramas that I want to watch are kaito royale and runaway! >-<
I am so excidet about them! *-*
About the drama that try too hard to follow the animes story line, I have the same opinion but then again this is actuelly what most people exspect when they now there is going to be a drama or movie based on an anime/manga!
Isn't it often that people complain because the drama's story is so different to the actuell anime/manga?
I also think it is better not to compare the drama with somethingelse and I am lucky to be able to not compare things I saw. XD
Thought sometimes it's also very interessting to compare drama/movies! >-<
angi 27 Oct, 2011
I also think that Ouran is really well done even when I compare it to the anime. ^-^
The actors suite their roles a lot, thought I would have choosen somenelse for the role of Honey.
I think there are examples for drama's that are actuelly better then the anime.
For example a friend told me the anime Itazura na Kiss is totaly lame but the drama, the taiwanese version, is so much better. Thought the japanese version is really worse but there is a drama that is better than the actuell anime.

I like Shohei as Nakatsu a lot, I think he is not as good as Toma when it comes to the even talks but despite that he is as good as Toma!
Thought this is just my opinion and maybe I am a bit biased. XD
angi 27 Oct, 2011
Maybe you are more disappointed in her since you know the manga/anime and you had too high expectations.
Not that this is bad but it is often very hard for an actor to totaly get the charakter of an anime/manga since everyone has it's own illusion of how this charakter should be in real.
I always try to watch a drama/movie without connecting it to the anime/manga.
Otherwise I would get disappointed to often, thought the drama/movie is actuelly really good but just not like the anime/manga!
Thought sometimes it's really hard not to compare both. XD
angi 27 Oct, 2011
I didn't saw Yamato Nadeshiko until know so I don't know her from this drama but I saw her in misaki no 1 and I liked her.
Why did she ruined it for you?
angi 27 Oct, 2011
Yes, I also think that kaito royale looks very interessting and I am so excited about it!!

About the screencaps, the problem is that without pics of the first episode, the other pics are not going to be displayed. You can upload them if you want but I will not merge until I have the screencaps for the first episode! ^-^
angi 27 Oct, 2011
No problem, I am happy that someone uploads so many screecaps because it's always amazing to see screencaps of the movie/drama you are interessted in! ^-^
Do you like Tori a lot too?