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I'm an anime fan. I read manga.

I love Asian dramas.

I'm Chinese; still learning the language though :)

Also am learning Japanese very slowly.

My family is from China, but I was born in Canada.


unknown 18 Dec, 2014
I loooooooove pinocchio ♡♡♡♡♡♡
unknown 18 Dec, 2014
Yes. But...are you planming to watch pinocchio? It's such an awesome drama one of the best fir the whole year! I love it!! Can't wait for tomorrows (well...todays...) episode!! *-*
yes. Need to watch the new episode right after watching pinocchio and pride and prejudice ...thank good, tomorrow will start christmas holidays for students d so much drama to watch xD
unknown 23 Aug, 2014
but it really IS awesome !!
i have also seen the taiwanese version... i like ethan ruan a lil bit more than jang hyuk...but now i like him also xD
it is a lil melo but i like it how they make it. as you know, they lost the baby, i like it how they still think of it and so on. it is more real than in fated to love you. i could cry even now because of the accident. thats why i like it... and the person who takes the role from anna is not sooooo cruel as anna (i still hate her but thats because i already hated her in "i need romance 3" xD ) but she is ...more ok ? well til now i still need to wait til it is over!

but really, watch it, its great :)
unknown 21 Aug, 2014

i looked through your drama list...and i've seen you're watching "It's okay, that's love" and "marriagen, not dating" i watch them also, what are your thoughts on it til now ... i don't like it, that marriage, not dating is ending this week ._. and i am totally into its okay thats love ... i like the main actress and actor so much together! and they're doing such a great job!

let me know you're opinion!
lust4drama 27 Jan, 2012
interesting tastes :)
portable 20 Jul, 2011
Actually, my msn account was blocked due to someone's hacking and spreading viruses, so I'm not using msn anymore.
portable 25 Feb, 2011
I don't have one, but my mom's a Christian and my dad's a Buddhist and I went to a christian school for 9 years as you know. I think it was a Lutheran school, Lutheranism is the most common religion in Estonia. Are you a Catholic? I'm still searching if I can say so. I believe that I'll know when I'll know... in the future, no one can raise me into a religion, I believe I must find it myself.
portable 18 Jan, 2011
No, I haven't heard about them. But, Gantz live action? whoa, what, where, how? Was it like R+ or sth?