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witch0o0 10 May, 2014
it's been a long time =.=
witch0o0 10 May, 2014
witch0o0 14 Jun, 2013
welcome back ^^
am waiting =)
I hope that you'll fix it soon
witch0o0 23 Mar, 2013
What's happened ?!
Are you all right ?!
witch0o0 07 Feb, 2013
ha ha ha somehow :D ... you know the instructor sent a message to me, she said that I've to go to the lectures ><
Thank you so much ^^

It's the same with us they didn't put Japanese drama on T.v T.T
anyway, I don't watch T.V most of the time ^^
witch0o0 02 Feb, 2013
actually I didn't went to university I don't wanna to go this week :)
I want to take more days oFF ")
I hope that you'll do better this semester =)
did I told you that they accept me in physics department <3

it's a Korean drama,right? I listen some of my friends talked about it
and I think I saw some pic in the net about it too
witch0o0 29 Jan, 2013
did you start the school ?
what do you watch these days?
I hope that you';; get one soon :)
witch0o0 23 Jan, 2013
yup :)..

ann do you have an account on instagram ?