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tieminha 14 Dec, 2010
Ahhh eu nem tenho assistido mais animes... Assisto só a versão dorama hahaha! ^.~
tieminha 09 Dec, 2010

É a Karina!!


Mas eu não sei o que é o MAL que vc falou lá no filmow hahaha!

sakibuki 03 Nov, 2010
ok no problem!, im sure you will like them !

i see you added the movie of Sekai no Chuushin, i strongly recommend the series though.

it is alot better, like 1 Litre is compared to the movie :)

you might think then why is it not on your list, because i didnt finish them.

i was not as impressed like i was with the series, i couldnt get used to the different characters and phasing :p
sakibuki 02 Nov, 2010
hi, your comment on 1 Litre is so true!

nothing comes close to the suffering Aya had, always thought that way and i still do.

but! i do have to recommend you "Sekai no Chuushin', it is the only thing i have ever seen that came close to the sadness and beauty of 1 Litre.

it is not 100% as extremely sad as 1 Litre but it is very beautiful and tragic too, the second series ever to make me cry : )

and i think you will like Orange Days too, its so amazing. i see its on your plan to watch list already, good :p

i finished it 2 days ago and its one of my favorites now, a very unique and beautiful series