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Hello there :d
I'm from Poland, and i watch drama for around 7 years now.

Ask me anything you want, i don't bite. Also i like to share some recommendations for dramas or movies, so don't afraid to ask BUT be aware, that my list here is a little monster. So please dear friend, be precise as much as you can, and don't ask "Hey, recommend me something cool" or "some drama needed".
I'm not a witch and i don't have crystal ball, to know, what is in your mind, so put me as much info you can at the start, then ask :D
Also when you ask me, where i watched something: please i always answer, but that's not my fault, that you don't have torrent or this movie wasn't screended in cinema at your town.

I can speak English, sometimes use German (still poorly), Russian a little. Still learn Japanese, so sorry for all mistakes.

1000 drama : Never Give Up, Dodo
1500 drama: Nobody's Daughter Hae Won
2000 drama: City of Angels
2500 drama: Goodbye Single


Love me if you dare (Dingo Mo) 84+8/84+8 COMPLETED
Memory Lost (Ding Mo)
Don’t Turn from Summer (Ding Mo) 4/??
Come & Eat , Shan Shan (Gu Man) 41+1/41+1 COMPLETED
One Life on incarnation (Mo Bao Fei Bao) /17.3+3
Silent Separation (Gu Man) 12.3+3.3/12.3+3.3 COMPLETED
Li Chuan's Past (Xuan Yin) 2+/51.8+5

Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
Danganronpa: Monokuma no Gyakushu
Danganronpa 2 Goodbye Despair
Final Fantasy VII
Bubble Bobble
Puzzle Bobble 1- 4

Also watched/not in MDL
cross junction
specimen alive


danisensei 06 Apr, 2019
LOL! Ok! Thank you for taking your time to share your pov! :)
danisensei 06 Apr, 2019
Oh, I saw ppl relating those two dramas, although some ppl didn't get happy about it. I haven't watched that one as well... but as for what you told me, it sounded a little like Birth of a Beauty. Since you also watched it, how would you compare those two?
danisensei 05 Apr, 2019
Hii! Just saw you dropped Love in Sadness. Could you give me your feedback about it? What did u dislike about it? Depending on your opinion I may not watch it. (I don't mind spoilers) XD
yokochan 15 Mar, 2019
oh yeah iam watching babel & touch your heart =) but for me, both of this aren´t masterpieces =/ i like touch your heart but it´s nothing special ;D
so iam currently in love with item =) but the other dramas are a little boring . . . =/ iam expecting some better upcoming dramas (:
yokochan 25 Feb, 2019
Sorry, a late reply from me again =´(
iam everday here active but not so many people are writing me here so iam unactive with answering messages =`( really sorry !

iam fine and you ? thanks =)
what are you currently watching & loving ? *Q*
iam watching to many k-dramas at the moment >.< i love only the crowned clown . . . but i´ll also start with: item & love in sadness ;D
sooneul 14 Feb, 2019
Proszę Cię, powiedz, że widziałaś dwa epy Trap i jest to dla Ciebie taki sam masterpiece jak dla mnie :D
invincible 12 Feb, 2019
to ciężka sprawa trzeba miec dużo cierpliwości podziwiam cię bo ja jej nie mam bo przecież zawsze znajdą się idioci którzy koniecznie chcą zepsuc ci dzien
invincible 12 Feb, 2019
przerzuciłaś się na chiny co hehe ja czasami też próbuje ale jedynie kiedy mają mało odcinków długie serie nie są dla mnie
ohhhh nerwówka w pracy że krzyczysz na nich czy po prostu masz jakichś ciołków tam