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addy1884 05 Apr, 2016
hmm ok so i really liked signal 5/5 (kdrama)
and mrs cop. (the first one) 5/5

also 4/5 liked a movie called "veteran" korean. and "the beauty inside" 5/5
from memory thats it..

i LOVED another kdrama but thats romcom, not sure if ur into it :P and its from 2013 "the masters sun"

the school series i like, latest one from 2015 was pretty good the "who are you"

and another romcom "oh my venus" made me smile a lot ^^

ive been struggling to find another "new world" in my life tho.. all the latest hongkong crime films havent been that great =(
addy1884 05 Apr, 2016
please go ahead, i have been slow on the movie watching myself. =P im gonna get a new desktop and go back to gaming.. not like before lol have to be carefull not to get too hooked and forget about my life :(
addy1884 24 Apr, 2014
addy1884 07 Oct, 2013
Pungsan Dog o0 must watch!
addy1884 24 Apr, 2013
OMG my PS partner is AMAZING lol watch it!!!
addy1884 24 Dec, 2012
lol motorway =/ waste of time :/
addy1884 19 Nov, 2012
u thought himzu was a masterpiece????????? wtf lol

dude i had to put it on hold and after several months of being on hold, today i finally finished it.. and i thought it was so fucked up and weird... but not a good weird.. a WEIRD.. somewhat boring weird...
then i realized it was based on a manga...

manga was probably great but .. real life acting of manga story.. turned out really surreal :S .. i thought it was kinda boring..

u know when most live action stuff i guess (from anime)
ppl imitate anime characters :s ?? and it feels fake and not real at all, as in... i dunno i feel like not a single person in the world would act that way..
thats how i felt watchin himzu :S
addy1884 03 Nov, 2012
=D im downloadin a movie u uploaded, some japanese one! .. scissors one, so how many stars do u this that one deserves?