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luvmelodrama 07 Nov, 2018
ooh i found a site called letterboxd. looks pretty cool.
luvmelodrama 19 Jun, 2018
how was the chinese Addicted? i only watched 1 ep so far. did you like it? i can't believe you're getting that far w/ Andante lol the most boring ever
luvmelodrama 15 Jun, 2018
i'm sorry you're not having some great days lately. i hope it will all pass soon, be careful tho, there will be a heat wave coming along soon. well i don't know about you, but the next 4 days for us is over 93. stay as cool as possible. you should take some wet towels, freeze them, and when it gets hot, apply them to the back of your neck. it will keep you cool for at least an hour or 2!!

i've barely had any time to come online and watch videos, very sad. it's my typical way to unwind from a busy day but i don't know lately, working off of 3 screens/monitors daily for 8 hours puts me in no mood to even turn on a computer again until the next work day.

spent last night celebrating an early father's day dinner @ a local hibachi place. was hoping that bringing my dad to something new would excite him but nahhhh... i've noticed that his sleeping patterns are completely off for the past 2 years and it's getting worse and worse. every chance he gets, he falls asleep, he can barely stay awake in the day. talk about excessive daytime sleepiness. i consulted a physician about it who specializes in geriatrics and they said i should keep my dad as busy as possible so he doesn't oversleep. because apparently oversleeping as an elder will have a direct correlation to developing Alzheimer's or dementia in the near future. ugh fml. not only am i already busy, i gotta try to keep my dad busy to maintain his health! i'm exhausted.

cousin's wedding on the 30th and i'm just tired of seeing family and having fake conversations. the wedding will be outdoors (on freaking june 30th). are they out of their minds? pretty sure it's going to be about 90 degrees. bride obviously didn't think it thru that she and the groom will be sweating thru their dress and tux, guests will be uncomfortable, and bees flying the fuck everywhere since it's at a garden. dreading it.

not a lot of good positive vibes coming from me during summertime. it's my most dreaded season lol. i try to stay indoors or at least do indoor activities that include AC but all my damn friends want to either have a bbq, bonfire, hiking, biking, camping, etc. how many more invitations can i decline without being rude???? oh well =_=
luvmelodrama 08 May, 2018
I’m back now! Been a busy month and just got back from England!
luvmelodrama 30 Mar, 2018
nothing wrong w/ eating all that junk food once in a while!!! i'm not a huge fan of peeps because i don't like marshmallows but my best friend has been obsessed with them since she was 15 lol
luvmelodrama 21 Mar, 2018
how's murphy's law of love? are you enjoying it so far?
luvmelodrama 10 Mar, 2018
I don't remember if I've watched "The Man Who Couldn't Get Married." Any good? You got to ep 13 pretty quickly. Ah weather is finally warming up around here. Yay for just sprinkles of slushy snow here and there, nothing major. How's it going?
luvmelodrama 06 Mar, 2018
I watched Cinderella and Four Knights. It was enjoyable but ridiculously cliche. Everyone is so cute and nothing was horribly sad PHEW!