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jgoz92 16 Nov, 2014
hi :)

I want that sweater.
jgoz92 05 Sep, 2014
sup bae
leviathan 10 Sep, 2011
Yeah :D Sometimes his Kami Korosu is annoying me but he is one of my fav character in KHR. ^^
leviathan 07 Sep, 2011
Kami Korosu yo XD
berrytm 17 Apr, 2011
:DD~ Kkk~ Yeah, I guess Minho did abit~ But Yoogeun liked Key'-appa' the best XDDD
And I just had a feeling that Yoogeun kept on calling Onew'-appa' cause it's easy to say and he doesn't like Onew very much~ XD!
berrytm 17 Apr, 2011
:D Me too~~ XDD You mean choose a member~?
Who's your bias then? XP~
Ah, mine was Key, but then It changed to Onew~ XD He's so cute~ ;3
p3rk3le 12 Apr, 2011
Hey, I saw you have watched Vaness's Young Tiger movie. Can you tell me where I can find it? tnx!!

edit: found it on YC!!! :) sorry for bothering you :p
Random chan 08 Mar, 2011
no... omg... it was awkward. Really. I.... little men.... ah... *blood from my nose* (all was a joke Oo)