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interests japan; dorama; musicals; butai; dancing; friends; language; clubbing; hanami; yakiniku; takarazuka; nakamura yuuichi; mizobata junpei; miya rurika; my job^^
located Mainz, Germany <-> Tokyo, Japan
born 26 Oct
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akai ito TV
kamen rider denou TV
ikemen desu ne TV
puck / crystal takarazuka: image no kesshou video
romeo to juliette video
hyper projection engeki haikyuu!! "karasuno, fukkatsu!" video
hikari no densetsu animation
gakuen alice animation
tennis no oujisama animation
futatsu no spica animation
attack no.1 animation
ballroom e youkoso animation
Nakamura Yuuichi person
Suzuki Hiroki person
Miya Rurika person
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Crazy in Japan living German girl!!! Dorama addicted since 2003. In love with the one and only 中村優一 Nakamura Yuuichi ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ and my lovely 美弥るりか Miya Rurika ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Former University-student ~ Major: Japanese & German for Foreigners / Lingustic & Phonetic
English and German Instructor in Tokyo since 2011
Translater for GAZOO Racing ~ TOYOTA since 2012
Former Aoyama-Gakuin-Daigaku Social-Dance-Club Member

My first TV appearance: はなまるマーケット December 2010
My first Dorama appearance: 美男ですね (Ikemen desu ne) Episode 1, 2 & 11

-> if you have any questions concerning TAKARAZUKA or any japanese stageplay, feel free to send me a message^^

or follow me on tumblr ↓↓↓↓


I love my life and my friends♡♪♪




everyle 12 Jul, 2013
Wow, we have 67% compatibility^^
catchxfireflies 21 Jun, 2012
Ah okay thanks! XD Sorry.
filo 20 Jun, 2012
Hallo ^^ ~
Wollt mich mal bei dir so melden :D

Boah, ist ja echt toll! Wie lang bist du schon in Japan? *.*

Was meinst du mit Aiba und bei seiner Mum im restaurant? oO
bluelily 29 Jan, 2012
Darf ich fragen, wo in Japan du studierst?
Eine Freundin von mir ist zur Zeit auch dort, an einer Uni in Tokyo.
Ich beneide euch ja wirklich^^
bluelily 25 Jan, 2012
Wow, 67% Kompatibilität!
Bin zufällig auf deinem Profil gelandet und sag einfach mal Hallo ;)
hiroshi 11 Oct, 2011
Hi )) I've opened a group devoted to Kamen Riders and Sentai series. And this is your invitation)) If you are interested in discussing tokusatsu series with other fans, you're welcome: