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tomoesama 04 Mar, 2014
Well it kind of was, and although I loved it to bits and looked forward to each episode with enjoyment and heart tumbling, I only found that they left some things unsaid which would have made it even more interesting. Although I enjoyed the murder case, it took to long, it was just having supernatural man solving one case when there could have been more issues. I loved their relationship and how they dealt with it, especially hoe Choen Song Yi dealt with it, and I liked that she didn't care about his alien self and for her was just the man she loves.
Actually I was speaking about animal species :P. When a type of species is placed in a different environment it's called alien species because it's not of that type of habitat. Also on usual circumstances it wouldn't have any limitations, in finding food, space etc... because it would take over the place, more or less. Taking for instance the chameleon is an alien species in Malta (where I live) and it has no limitations accept humans who hunt it for entertainment. So I figured Do Min Joon is the same. Being an alien species (in every sense of the word :P) in a different environment he adapted to the place and developed his powers while being on earth. His weaknesses are saliva and blood mixing, but why? Why now after 400 years his powers are in a state of degradation? And how was he summoned when 400 years ago he was not?
See, that is why I thought they should have explored more, because to a certain point they would be loop holes in the story - although it was a great drama and I haven't seen anything so catchy in quite a long time.

It could also be seen as evolving or something, but I thought of it as a possibility. Maybe losing his powers and be almost like a human. Even though he's a different species he's similar to humans so maybe it could? A wolf is a wolf and a dog is a dog but they come from the same family. But whatever, I'm going all scientific (on the few basics I know) xD.
But the point on Gu Family Book was what makes us human and what defines us as humans. I doubted that he would have become huma because usually on a genre like Book they never become humans - Inuyasha/My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and many more. But becoming human through moral beliefs and growth.

Yeah, Yoon Jae killed me with his E.T connotations XD. And I loved how when he left the plant was taking life again and they were taking care of it :D

I don't know if he's lucky or smart but his latest dramas have been a big hit and there wasn't even one of them which was a flop. (Dream High - Moon/Sun - Thieves - Secretly Greatly - Star) Apart from him being a great actor he has worked with pretty great writers as well. I love Lee Min Ho but Over flower - Faith and Heirs were a bit flat - especially Heirs
(although Flower is enjoyable even when it goes on the boring - I still blame the female lead)

Yeah it is sad. But on the other hand I understand their duty and the countries history and culture for it to be this way. Whenever he eaves he will come back on fire again. He made enough impact to remain loved and searched by everyone.
tomoesama 03 Mar, 2014
I liked that they were about them. But the drama was about an alien, some explanation could have been there. There doesn't need for it to be scientific or anything, maybe why are they interested in Earth, or show more aliens - why after 400 years he could die, etc. Actually, being an alien species (taking it from environmental science) actually they wouldn't have any limitations - he kind of didn't have. That's why I wanted to know about his weaknesses, I liked that they kept the flashbacks showing his life through out and it also explained why he didn't really care about humans like a superman. Also the plant metaphor.
I just felt that the conflict about Jae Gyoeng shouldn't have been the main conflict. Although I also liked that the second leads grew up on their own instead of being just the second leads.
I watched it twice as well, and read the recaps :P
But the wormhole seemed a last minute thought, I had a theory that he might be becoming human, or if he left he could have expanded his powers to teleport but the wormhole didn't make much sense...

Yeah, Choen Song Yi was great, she was very ordinary and special at the same time - she was not as the usual main leads. About him going to the army, it's not confirmed yet. The names just popped out and it has just been reported that Park Ki Ung will go and he wasn't on the list. Furthermore he's relatively young, he's 26 (korean age 27) usually they go 28 going to 29 or 30.
tomoesama 01 Mar, 2014
Hi there :D
I loved it! But the last episodes were a bit flat. I liked Choen Song Yi the most, she's the opposite of the usual female leads, she's hard headed, eccentric, funny and full of herself. Whereas Do Min Joon was poised and serious yet comical at times, they kept the details of his past and made the story more interesting - he really was portrayed as a man who lived for 400 years. Chemistry was great. I bet her husband was really jealous of their scenes :P.

But the last episodes seemed a bit flat in comparison with the rest of the episodes, Jea Gyeong case took too long and they should have explored the outer space issue a bit more along with his abilities and weaknesses. Like why is he allergic to saliva apart from being entertaining for us? Or what was the real cause of his degradation? What really happened when he left?

Well, what about you? :D
tomoesama 28 Dec, 2013
Lol, xD... Yeah my user name is Chunie :P
tomoesama 27 Dec, 2013
Hey Somo-chan, by any chance, do you have a MAL account with the same name?

tomoesama 02 Dec, 2013
I always knew he was a good guy, since he was such an ass XD. He cracked me up when he was singing twinkle twinkle XD. I actually liked her a bit, but if there was romance then the story wouldn't have taken the spin that it did.

I haven't finished it yet, and I skip the parts which seem draggy and repetitive. Yep So Ji Sub is very charming but the drama is not. Sin Hyeon Jun is awesome in Gaksital XD, although he's a supporting

I watched the first episode. I like Bon Tongie, she's very perverted XD but it seems that Sukkie's dramas have lost all source of logic...
tomoesama 27 Nov, 2013
Told you it is, I was kinda sorry that there was no romance but at the same time I feel that it would have ruined it... and I loved the Mad Cow XD.
tomoesama 05 Nov, 2013
Yep me too, but on the other hand I dislike how there's almost never the same feeling between the girls. I basically like the close feeling of friendships.

Yes, maybe regret for betraying him and leaving him alone. And I think the finale of the twin sisters at least it could have been better it seemed to rushed to have taken 16 episodes... He was the link to her accident but I think they could have elaborated it more, even how she found out about her ghost-seeing ability... It irritates me when I get better ideas then the script writers....

I will try to watch Five Fingers, at least for Ju Ji Hun's sake :P. Haha, then I might complain to you on how much I wish to kill someone XD... I watched almost everything of his, not that he worked in many dramas, moreover due to his drug incident, and I loved him in everything that I saw him in.

Yeah she's in everything but she's a great actress, in Heirs she plays Park Shin Hye's mother who is mute, and she plays the part perfectly and hilariously XDD