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Hello there !~



ariel12134 26 Jun, 2013
Just saying,

I am enjoying Shark too :)
stellybish 15 Dec, 2012
Yep *o* I really like it! It's a very original school drama!! <3
I put King of Dramas on hold after the 8th ep... I just couldn't vare it any longer :/
I didn't really like the actors tho I wanted to see the romance between the mains ;w;
+ I don't have much time now but it was a nice drama and it had funny moments *-*
I'm surely gonna continue it some day xD
I liked Siwon the most xD His chara was funny *-* I loove K-pop but Suju are not in my fav groups xD
I also recommend you I Miss You :) It's really really sad and the acting is superb! >_<"
School 2013's story is really different from Reply 1997 *-*
Watch this vid (it contains scenes only form the 1st episode, there are no big spoilers, trust me! ^^")
It's more about the violence in school *o* But there's also love *-* There were great couple moments in the 3rd and 4th episodes of the drama *o*
& this drama I chose a vid with no spoilers!
It just shows the main guy! And he's.... CRAZY! haha This one is really funny!! Just loling every episode ~
Hope you like some of these 3 ^^
auuh 3 weeks holiday? I want that too T__T I have 1 week left in school and then finally 2 weeks winter break! xDD
itanunes 30 Jan, 2012
Hello, add you, e thanks for add me...
I like of your avatar, TOP's handsome...
foxygirl05 13 Sep, 2011
I have see that you like TOP.. so maybe you want to join the "BIG BANG is V.I.P - Fanclub".

See ya~

btw. I like your TOP gifs!
danenws 12 Jul, 2011
I cant wait for eng subs and I watch it in raw! xD
The ends are too curious hahaha!
I will give one more shot to romance town!
And you'r seen best love <3
I really liked it!
danenws 10 Jul, 2011
I saw your dramas and you have nice taste!! lol
I'm dying with city hunter!! And really loved best love!
I'm planing on going with romance town... Is it really good?
Adding you!
yokochan 05 Nov, 2010
kgotboda namja is the best version ;D i Love it *.*
amazing story & the cast is sooo good =) its not boring (:
you pLan to watch sindereLLa eonni ?! - do it now =P
its one of my favourite drama´s ^-^
yeah nappeun namja is too my favourite drama,
but the end -.- the last 10 minutes =´( hate it x)
& how are you ? =D
yokochan 03 Nov, 2010
you´re favourite drama´s are great ;D
now i watch domangja =) & gung + gaeinui chwihyang (:
& i Love nappeun namja, minami sineyo *.*