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hakuouki: hekketsuroku animation
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rainbow: nisha rokubou no shichinin animation
gangsta. animation
mo dao zu shi animation
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Yu A In person
Song Jung Gi person
Lee Jong Seok person
Ayano Gou person
Ji Su person
Hatake Kakashi character
Nara Shikamaru character
Shiki character
Hisagi Shuuhei character
Heiwajima Shizuo character


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krissasaur 15 Oct, 2015
Do you only watch 1 episode of things a day?
dutchviola 20 Jul, 2015
You're welcome^^! Feel free to submit more Korean roles to Scholar Who Walks The Night ~_^! Or to any other title or actor you like, we're here to help!
zera 29 Jun, 2014
Nice avatar
nightrainboww 11 Jan, 2014
You're welcome :)
sbloom 26 Dec, 2013
yes, like a top ten right? they only do 5 for each category and I don't list anime over here so I only put dramas and my favorite actors, running man is hilarious but I only watch it whenever some of my bias goes :)
sbloom 23 Dec, 2013
an interesting top of favorite dramas and actors, so different of my list but awesome *-*
r0lan 07 Feb, 2013
sorry for late reply haha
Happy bday to you too (well yesterday lololol) Hope ur bday was great and u got lot's of present :D
A nice coincidence hehe :>
prinseu 12 Dec, 2012
no way?! omg, thanks so much xD I did initially consider this but thought either Gary was incapable of doing it or it was just simply too much but I was confused since nothing was mentioned :/ as Ji Hyo would say, 'wahh~ daebak~'