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In search for more biseinen, I stumbled on the manga "Mars." Unable to find it in anime, my "first" drama was Mars Zhan Shen. I'd seen a couple of other live action tv shows but Mars (despite being Taiwanese, not Korean) was the first to hook me into Makjang land.

No matter how much I love the One True Couple/Pair (OTC/OTP), I often suffer from Second Male Lead (or worse) syndrome. Some guys on my "list" include but are not limited to:

- Joe/Bryan Cheng as Kui in "The Rose"
- "Leader" Kim Hyun "Hyunnie" Joong as Yoon Ji Hoo in the Korean dramatization, "Boys Before/Over Flowers"
- "Sunny" Bae as Jun Se Oppa in "Brilliant Legacy" was the first character to ever make me want to scream "Oppa!" even though I know I'm not allowed as I'm not of Korean ethnicity and thus am excluded from "Jung/Jeong/Ceng/Cheong." In any case, I would have dropped the show a long time ago if not for him despite loving Lee Seung Ki/Hwaniie in "My Girlfriend is a Gumiho"
- Jeong Hwa as Sin Wu in "You're Beautiful" was a beautiful surprise
- Weok (forever Waffle Sun Ki to me) as Jung in "Marry Me, Mary (Stayed Out All Night)"

When not in Makjang land (my term for watching dramas), I can be found at myanimelist, anidb and anime-planet under the same username.

I'm ridiculously impressionable--for example, although I have roller-skated and bladed since childhood, I didn't take up aggressive blading until after watching an arc featuring a mere side character in Eyeshield 21--which is why I don't have cable television and I hate/avoid ads and commercials. Still, Korean dramas have found an ingenious way around my efforts to thwart advertisers: product placement! LOL. It really is much more effective than pure ads and commercials though as I seriously pay way too much attention to stuff used in dramas, not just the collectible necklaces and plushies, but clothes, songs, places, phones, books, gadgets, etc. I get irritated when I notice technology that isn't widely available in the US and my language studies have been jumpstarted more than once by my efforts to obtain and/or understand various items, especially a book or song that hasn't been translated into any of the languages upon which I currently have a somewhat decent grasp.

Speaking of jump-starts, foreign media of all kinds (not just drama and anime) has, perhaps not always been the beginning of but, certainly sharpened my interests in fashion (saree, kimono, kaftan, hanfu, cheongsam/qipao are just a few that I don), flute, hair styling and various martial arts.

P.S. I love this profile image made by Random Chan. It used to be the default on the older version of MDL. I'm NEVER changing it. Thanks Random Chan!


celestical 10 Jun, 2015
Hi thanks so much for liking my reviews! My reviews tend to be more fleshed out because I talk to friends/family about dramas while watching so I build the review up over time, with some tweaks as the show progresses. Then I put the final thoughts down when I finish so that during dry spells I can go back and decide which to watch.

I went over your review of 'My Unfortunate Boyfriend' and I think it's amazing and much, much better than mine. I rarely type so much out (it's hard to get all my thoughts into order like you did and you nailed all the characters and reactions). Plus your review I feel makes it easier for someone to decide whether to watch or not. I would only be slightly more wary of spoilers (aside from the romance since they hit us on the head with a huge hammer about whose the OTP).

'Secret Garden' was better than 'Hyde, Jekyl and Me' because even though both stories weren't great, at least 'Secret Garden' had better chemistry. 'Kill Me, Heal Me' is an interesting watch and well acted. Just give it a few episodes to find it's pace and for the female lead to settle down.
honey 24 Jan, 2014
Omg, so much pressure. XD I hope my thoughts about the review will be the same as your thoughts in the end. ^^'''
rosycrystals 15 May, 2012
Lol, yup, I knew she got married! Congratz to her!
ceres 03 Sep, 2011
Okay, I forgive you. ^^
The new version having so many new features can be confusing, I understand.
Take care. ^^
susan 03 Sep, 2011
It's not from a drama, but from a magazine photo shoot. Here's the rest at dramabeans:
ceres 03 Sep, 2011
In v.3 all the watchlogs have been turned into reviews. So that mean then can be accesed directly from drama's page.
They no longer are just for users and their friends, but for the whole MDL community.
There really a lot of them, you can't imagine how much... and many of them are rejected because they don't meet the guidelines.

If they are some bugs, I suggest writing to the one of admins (Random chan or hideki) or simply writing it in the MDL V.3 Feedback topic on forum.
yummy 25 Aug, 2011
Thank you ^__^ It is my favorite movie from this year so far. It was so good. When I watched the press conference from the Berlin Film Festival I was so sad, that most of the Journalists didn't understand the film at all. But I was satisfied, when the director said, that the movie is not mainstream, but for those people, who like this kind of art. And I felt like he was talking to me ^.^
I have to buy this film one day to watch it again <3
starnitex 28 Apr, 2011
lol haha how did you know I went to a JGS fan meeting? D:
I got lucky. Really. I wasn't planning to go since the tickets were so expensive. Coincidentally, my friend won a pair of tickets through a contest and she invited me. :)