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pi zi ying xiong TV
kisarazu cat's eye TV
chuno TV
ai no mukidashi film
panyachon konkhrua TV
detroit metal city animation
katekyou hitman reborn! animation
k-on! animation
tokyo magnitude 8.0 animation
yamato nadeshiko shichi henge animation
Narimiya Hiroki person
Arak Amonsuphasiri person
Mario Maurer person
Ji Chang Uk person
Uratsaya Sperbund person
Hirasawa Yui character
Fran character
Tanaka character
Kougami Shinya character
Takano Kyouhei character


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hakaina 19 Sep, 2016
Oh I understand, I use a russian version of this site, not exactly ofc, but the principle is the same, I find it very convenient, but I still don't put asian dramas and anime in there, idk why :D
hakaina 06 Aug, 2016
I used to have MyAnimeList account for this but recently I've got too reluctant to switch between different sites so I ended up using this for both. But I haven't added my animes as well, only smth I've watched ever since
hakaina 05 Aug, 2016
Oh hey ^^ aw thank you, I've added you back! I do agree that 41 is pretty high compability, I'm impressed when I have like 30 with my friends haha
ceres 06 Aug, 2015
Hi, I just stumbled upon your profile and wanted to leave a BIG THANKS for doing those themes. * _ * I was so sick of that green one.@@ For now I'm using the purple one and I love it. ^ _ ^

I've added you, I hope you won't mind. ^^
d0npian0 12 Feb, 2014
Ahh! Thank you so much! You have no idea how much that helps me! My internet connection is super unstable, so I'm not really into streaming and I wasn't sure whether there are any places where you can download lakorn
d0npian0 11 Feb, 2014
Hi :) I know it's super annoying when people ask stuff like that... but how do you get all your lakorns? Do you stream them or are there places where you dl them? (oh and do you speak Thai?) It's just that I meant to watch a lakorn for ages now but I don't really know where to start...
gray11 06 Nov, 2013
Ah bah moi tranquille aussi. Et sinon il y a beaucoup trop de français à Séoul. Genre rien que dans ma guest ils sont 6 en ce moment sérieux XD Du coup je pète un câble parce que je commence à me demander quand est-ce que je vais vraiment parler coréen dans l'histoire (genre 1h par jour ça le fait pas) >.> Halloween c'était frais mais j'ai pas eu le temps de trouver un costume. Ma pote a failli se faire galoche par un zombie, un teletubbies a twerké contre moi en mode trop sale et on a croisé des infirmières zombies grave fraiches :D
gray11 04 Nov, 2013
Sale troll XD Bon et sinon quoi de neuf ?