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julia117 21 Sep, 2013
littlekasik 28 Jun, 2011
Aish, there are so many things I love in him. Firstly his manners. He's so good-mannered... Everytime he knows what to do. Second thing... Mhm, his good relations witch children. And I love his eyes too! There is something innocent in them. And when I'm looking at him I know that if we ever met he'll be your guardian. I hope you'll understand me. Oh I almost have forgotten about his desire of winning and being serious. So in conclusion I love in him absolutelly everything.
And your city looks really nice :)
littlekasik 25 Jun, 2011
Yeah, we have very similar. How did you get into k-pop? What do you like the most in Minho? Where do you live in Russia?
littlekasik 23 Jun, 2011
Thank you for added me as you friend :) Can you tell me something about you?
shiroikarasu 03 Jun, 2011
it really is.. OTL have to study but.. =_= I hate the last month of school! >O< study study study study test test test test... ;_;
shiroikarasu 31 May, 2011
SORRYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! ;_____; I log in here once in a week and I'm lazy to reply and... OTL sorry...
shiroikarasu 05 May, 2011
Hey.. ^^;; OTL late replay is late.. sorry ;O;
Hope you're already alright! ^^

I just know I WANT THAT ALBUM!! *o* f(x) are soooooooo pretty and slkdfjlfsajklj in that comeback!! >< I love them xD
and After School's new song is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful~ ^^ I love Raina's blonde hair!! <3
shiroikarasu 20 Apr, 2011
Oh.... idk OTL he still hasn't return them but... I didn't do anything so I already know my mark xD
;O; I want another spring break!!!! We'll have 4 days Eastern break but.. it's NOT enough! xD
gladly there is no snow! I don't know what was wrong with the weather that day.. O_o

I have to go or I'll be late!! >o< bye bye~ ^o^