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last active 29 Sep, 2013
sex female
located London/UK
born 21 Jul, 1990
joined 10 Dec, 2010


bu neng shuo de mi mi film
e mo zai shen bian TV
paradise kiss film
death game park mobile
ai no uta TV
dream high TV
Kim Jae Uk person


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27 Dec, 2012
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27 Dec, 2012
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27 Dec, 2012
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29 Sep, 2013
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29 Sep, 2013
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29 Sep, 2013

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name: Anna
japanese name(real name): 法子 (Noriko)
korean name: 효린 (Hyorin)
nickname: Choi Hyorin
birthday: 21.06.'90
birthplace: Osaka, Japan
current city: London, UK
blood type: 0
fav food: polish food, chocolate, fish, suchi, tomato soup, haribo♥
fav drink: milk, water, orange juice, bear, tea, soy milk
hobby: music, dancing, reading books, sweeming, traveling
like: POLAND♥, fashion, music, summer, gutar,
talented: play the guitar, singing, writing songs lyrics.
language: japanese, english, polish, korean a little.


rozendoll 28 Dec, 2012
Hello. Long time not see, and talk. Thats so poor. This pink hair? No, no. Pink I have at summer. now i have a green-dark blue, and dark brown. ;) and longer. ;) Im ok, thank you. I have a BF long time, and I love him so much <3 but i dont have a work. im mad of this.
Skype? I dot remember my login. Do U remember?
rozendoll 26 Apr, 2011
Hello lovely ;3 Im really great ;) but I miss you just a lil ;x and i miss "u know who" xD
u can write at my blogspot all bout me ;)
love you
rozendoll 10 Dec, 2010
ouh... poor you.
so... baby, i see you like rainie. ;) you have her pic in avatar ;) nice ;))
she is really cute and shes a great singer <3
rozendoll 10 Dec, 2010
hey dude ;)
you have a mydramalist O_o i dont know about this ;)
thank you for adding me :*
im fine ;)
thinkin what movie i want watch now ;)