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last friends TV
proposal daisakusen TV
watashi ga renai dekinai riyuu TV
shitsuren chocolatier TV
gomen ne seishun! TV
ossan's love TV
Sakurai Shou person
Nishikido Ryou person
Kitagawa Keiko person
Miura Haruma person
Yoshitaka Yuriko person
Shigeoka Daiki person
Roy Mustang character
Sebastian Michaelis character
Monkey D. Luffy character
Kise Ryouta character
Portgas D. Ace character
Asaba Yuuki character


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xxmai 20 Apr, 2016
I'm doing okay. Today I kind of feel sickish, but I hope a good night sleep is going to fix that feeling. (:
No problem. I'll go answer your other message, too. (;
ladyleen92 02 Feb, 2016
yes he is the airhead guy xD
he is my ichiban in Johnny's West <33
ladyleen92 31 Dec, 2015
he is Fujii Ryusei from the group Johnny's West <333
he is so handsome ne ? xD
phraze 23 Apr, 2013
thariamon 16 Oct, 2011
oh, it seemed familiar somehow xD!
thariamon 08 Oct, 2011
hahaha... i love yours! did you make it? so artistic :3
aquariia 26 Aug, 2011
You're welcome. :-)
ladyleen92 25 Aug, 2011
Yeah I saw their comments about these 2
but i'm like you xD
I can't See something this horrible

also the story is adapted from Korean drama
I don't like this idea
japan have a lot of great manga
they can adapt a story from some of these manga xD