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moosespitz 30 Jan, 2010
ep16 of kimi ni todoke was a bit of a disappointment.
just a recap. ):

and as for naruto...a new filler arc...
moosespitz 19 Jan, 2010
ah, i watched the drama for nodame cantabile !
i hunger...for episode 15 of kimi ni todoke !

&yes; i did get caught up on my shippuden episodes !
happy that the fillers are done and it's finally following the manga storyline...though i stopped reading the manga once it got to this point, haha.
rip itachi. ):
moosespitz 18 Jan, 2010
so i ended up watching up to episode 14 of kimi ni todoke.
was planning on only watching one episode a day...
but it got really good. T___T

kazehaya blushing is the cutest thing ever, hehe. >///<

i'm going to have to read the manga for this !
can't wait for the next episode to be released.
augenapfel 14 Jan, 2010
привет :Р
moosespitz 13 Jan, 2010
i just finished the first episode of kimi ni todoke.
and it's so cuuute. :'D

i think i fangirl-screamed a bunch of times while watching, hehe.
moosespitz 12 Jan, 2010
which is better: the manga or the anime ? :P
moosespitz 11 Jan, 2010
it sounds good ~
i'll probably start it once the series is finished airing.
moosespitz 07 Jan, 2010
Anime compatibility with zuckerschock is:

that makes me sad.

is Kimi ni Todoke any good ?
been meaning to watch that anime for a while now. ^^