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capric0rn 29 Mar, 2014
Wow, that looks really great! Thanks for sharing! :)
capric0rn 10 Feb, 2014
Haha, awesome yet geeky, which in return is awesome haha :P Yeah! They did a pretty awesome job at it. Like giving a huge nod to were the character comes from. True that :P They all have a number from their first studio/room in the film, a certain car, etc. It's pretty awesome if you ask me.
capric0rn 03 Feb, 2014
I haven't read it yet but I did read that the books have more story and character development and whatnot :D

Star Trek has a Star Wars easter-egg, haha. You can see RD2D floating in space in-front of the Enterprise. Man of Steel had more easter-eggs though. Lex Luthor things and a name of a comic-book store for instance. And apparently all the stores the in the town had easter-eggs too.
capric0rn 13 Jan, 2014
Oh, you're going to love the series! I can't tell you to read it first or to watch it first, haha. But both mediums are worth it for sure!

And I definitely liked it! Specially the little easter-eggs. Like Batman's satellite being destroyed by General Zod and Superman.
capric0rn 06 Jan, 2014
Haha, that's what I'm doing right now too. I put a few series on-hold for Game of Thrones :P

I've watched it 3 times now, haha.

And thanks, same to you! :D
capric0rn 23 Oct, 2013
Ah, he was pretty awesome in LotR! And the show sounds pretty fun from what I've read. But currently I'm following too many shows as it is, haha/

That must've been very interesting! I wish I was able to see it, haha. Pretty interesting about the cultural changes!

Also, I've seen "Man of Steel" and it was more than I hoped for and had everything that I'd want to see in a Superman film!
capric0rn 05 Oct, 2013
Yeah, that was very intriguiging. Maybe they'll shed some light on what whent down later on in the season. I've heard of Fringe but haven't watched it :P

A crossover event is an event that's happening across other books. Like for the Superman books there's an upcoming Psi-War event that'll involve all the books of the Superman 'Family'; Superman, Action Comics, Superboy and Supergirl.

Yeah, his brother is also pretty good! "The Town" is a must-see if you ask me :P And thanks, haha :P
capric0rn 26 Sep, 2013
Yeah! Oh, and the first episode was awesome! :D

Well, it's technically not an arch. All the main arcs are on hold for this cross-over event were the Crime Syndicate from Earth-3 want to take over the world. The main books are exciting but the other tie-ins aren't as interesting to me.

Haha, that's how I always seen it for myself :P And yeah, I'm hoping that too!

Those are good films by him. "Gone Baby Gone" and "The Town" by him are great too! Haha, I usually don't try to be negative about these things before actually seeing stuff from it. That's what I learned from the past, haha :P

And true that! :D