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angi 28 Jul, 2011
That's one of the drama's I want to watch soon!
It sounds intressting and well Aiba is in it! (>_<)
angi 27 Jul, 2011
Nice pic of Aiba! (^_^)
rona 12 Mar, 2011
yes <3
and you'r not annoying at all ;)
spluffen 10 Mar, 2011

I'm glad my list can be of use to someone :) Please go ahead, I will add you too then.
rona 10 Mar, 2011
No i'm not √óD
nanuklein 27 Feb, 2011
Glad to hear that! :D
Yeaaaaaaaaah, that will be hard to find because of the name. I just watched it somewhere online since I couldn't find a dl option XD
nanuklein 21 Feb, 2011
Yeaaaaaaaaaah, well I hope you'll like them :)
nanuklein 13 Feb, 2011
Mwahahaha! If you haven't already then check out the most recent films by director Lee Myeong Se. They were really really awesome. M and Hyeongsa, that is.