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I'm a sucker for almost anything.


nanuklein 07 Feb, 2011
Lol, it's quite twisted, but I think that makes it stand out. It's crude towards reality, but somehow doesn't lose it's film feel.
nanuklein 04 Feb, 2011
Herb was nice, yep. Oldboy is my all time favourite. I don't know, maybe it's because it's so O_O
nanuklein 01 Feb, 2011
!!! I saw her in Welcome to Dongmakgol -- awesome performance, Herb -- epic performance, Oldboy -- fantastic performance, uri jibe wae watni -- breathtaking, kill me -- loltastic

Those are all films I recommend, too. XD
nanuklein 01 Feb, 2011
That's the way to go~

Oh I see you faved I'm a cyborg, but that's okay! -- it's epic XD
chocapik 01 Feb, 2011
No problem ^^
nanuklein 01 Feb, 2011
Nobody is ever too late to join the MDL party because MDL is partying 24/7, yo! xD
nanuklein 01 Feb, 2011
Haha, it's awesome! I wasn't aware of how multi culti MDL's userbase is. XD
nanuklein 01 Feb, 2011
Yo, welcome to MDL, and thanks for adding me! ;)